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What size did you get on the jacket? I recall that they fit pretty large. I really wanted one of them but by the time I got to the shop they only had a size 3 left and it was huuge. But yeah, yohji always begets more yohji.
Looks like the Yohji family sale is happening in Tokyo again next weekend. Seriously tempted to stop by, but my bank account will be angry with me. Invitations are getting bid up on yohji japan right now of course.
A bit late in posting this, but I went down to my local Yohji shop (Nagoya) over the weekend. SS13 is already at 40% off Japanese retail and will likely stay that way until they decide to clear everything out for the new collection. The selection wasn't too bad, although not amazing either. I think this is more a function of the Nagoya shop rather than the sale itself. I'll confirm when I visit Tokyo in two weeks. Regulation for men is in, although the selection is very...
Looks like the Regulation men's line is now hitting stores in Japan. I'm going to check it out as soon as possible at my local shop and report back here. Hard to judge by internet pics and I have no idea on pricing yet. Has the potential to be cool though.
Yohji sizing can be very inconsistent in my experience, particularly if you are looking from season to season, but even within seasons. Some pants are more based on height. These usually have a loose waist that can be adjusted by drawstring, elastic, or some other means. In my experience, recent size 3 pants that don't have an adjustment mechanism usually work best for 32-34" waists.   AAR, to my knowledge, is a now defunct collaboration with D'Urban, a...
Regarding anji timu, just thought I would stoke the rumor fires and add my own speculation. I'm fairly certain he's yohji shop staff. That's the only way to explain his getting very rare pieces, the knowledge and willingness to part with them for (sometimes) very low prices. There is a guy I know of at a resale shop in Tokyo specializing in Yohji that is in the same position and they also have quite a bit from the newer collections. Shop staff in Japan are required to...
I agree with this. I still go to my first yohji pieces regularly. That's what got me into the brand in the first place.   My advice would be to try and find it second hand first, as it's not really worth paying the dear dear prices if you're not going to be into it. If at all possible it does help to try it on. Also, I'd recommend starting with y's/y's for men first, as the pieces are basically the same as pour homme but offered at a much cheaper price. If you find...
Just a heads up, I'm the one selling the ss13 jacket. I like it a lot but my wife is uncompromising that I get rid of it, so there you go. If anyone's interested I am always willing to entertain reasonable offers.   Also, the jacket is definitely not OS, but the 3 and 4 fit even bigger, believe it or not, and this could easily accommodate what would be an XL by any other brand.
In my experience the hats have only been one size. If you're buying online it's best to check measurements. In store you can just try it on. Sometimes they have elastic or other means of adjusting the size as well.
I guess this will be yohji's attempt at a lower priced diffusion line again, perhaps along the lines of coming soon or even y's for men. I think it will make a difference if it will be produced in-house, and it seems like there's a demand for a lower priced "yohji" fit, especially on the men's side. I'm hoping this turns out better than s'yte myself.
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