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It's usually faster to email me at eddiewang13 gmail dot com but I will check my PM once in a while   Near mint condition, comes with a 75% condition OEM strap with the double deployant/butterfly clasp, I have a brand new OEM strap on the way (light brown, curved edge, crocodile) and it will be included or sent afterwards. Runs approximately +2 sec a day. This is the 40mm version with the ceramic rotor bearings and free sprung balance wheel. It's only 8.5mm thin which,...
How much was the original volume?
Photos added
Yes it is, I'll post photos later tonight. There's also a metal clasp at the base of the collar
Laid flat it's 22" p2p (there are 2 side flaps adding about 3 inches), 20" across the waist, and 36 inches long. Sleeves have no clear joint so it's hard to measure sleeve length but ti's 34" from the top of the collar to the sleeve end.
For sale is my Burberry trench coat, it's 3/4 length, 100% cotton (bemberg lined sleeves) and lined in the large burberry check.    It's in like-new condition and I only wore it 5 times, comes with the extra buttons as well. Made in England, size 38 (US) 48 (EU) and fits slim but true to size.   360 shipped within the US, international please contact me and we can work something out. It's much faster to email me at eddiewang13 nospam at gmail dot com, but I will...
Finely made in brass and extremely detailed. Exactly as photographed, comes with box and tags. Payment with paypal please, shipping is free USPS tracked within the US. Contact me for international shipping at eddiewang13 (nospam) at gmail dot com or PM.
The only speedy you're going to be able to get on that budget will be a used speedmaster reduced, pros are at least twice that used...
Generally speaking, black shirt+black suit is a bad idea, google images can show you photos of men dressed as such and I don't particularly find it appealing at all. In case you wear any other shirt, the second tie is the better of the two but I can guarantee there are better options out there (yes, even on the bay).
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