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Just listed a jacket and two pairs of shoes; more to come in a couple days.   Blue Canali jacket, 2 button, 42R/L (see measurements)   Orvis desert boots, 10M, worn maybe a couple of times   Allen Edmonds casual oxfords, brown, brand-new condition, Vibram Gumlite lug soles, 13E     Ten days left — to the watch lists!  
    +1. A lesson to take to heart.    
I was wondering about the dog too.   Does anyone like big heavy USA-made Pendleton wool trousers? Got a pair that measures 34x31, 3" hemmed, small hole that would be covered by the belt buckle. Perhaps like a pinhole on the rear, but I couldn't even tell for sure if it was a hole. If this speaks to you, let me know, otherwise it goes back because I realized too late that they would no way in Hell fit me. Will PM pix if wanted.
Found three fully canvassed Tom James jackets that fit, one of which could work as a sport coat; the other two were identical gray pinstriped suit jackets, and I couldn't find the pants. Too bad; I could probably use a suit like that. Also, a Hickey Freeman plain charcoal jacket (surely half a suit?) that was like five sizes too big. Also an awesome made-in-USA full-length herringbone tweed overcoat that I had to leave because it was just way too big (like a 48). How I...
Today, I got a navy two-button Ermenegildo Zegna jacket, an Orvis houndstooth jacket, an unstructured silk/linen/wool jacket, and a pair of Orvis tan suede chukka boots that look like they've been worn maybe a couple times (there's a small smudge on one toe and the soles are darkened from walking outside, but that's it; they're available to anyone who takes a size 10).   Also: A light blue long-sleeved polo-collar cashmere sweater, a yellow Izod Lacoste sweater...
First post ever. Hope I've lurked enough to learn the way of things. If not, I suppose someone'll point out the error of my ways …    Yesterday at Goodwill, found a pair of brown Allen Edmonds oxfords with Vibram lug soles, in brand-new condition inside and out, for like $11. Also, an OK light blue silk/cashmere sweater for like $4. Passed on a Zegna coat in 42R, navy, double-vented, three-button, canvassed, because the lining was messed up and I'm pretty sure it was...
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