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Heck yeah. In the last three weeks, I think I've paid a total of like $20 for the following BR goods: a pair of chinos that fit great, a dark patterned buttonup shirt, and two 100% lambswool v-necks, in charcoal and black, that are soft, warm, comfortable, and presentable. Also gotten a couple J. Crew polos for like $4 each. Didn't brag about 'em because they're just stuff to wear day-to-day, but I like 'em just fine.
  Alas, a cobbler I am not.  Good find! A satchel/briefcasey thing is tops on my list of wanted stuff. (I also want to find a basic solid suit that fits, so that I can then create some excuses to wear it. I guess I'm not the only one. It's just, my workhorse suits have shrunken in the closet over the past couple of years — and the moths found one of them pretty tasty, it looks like.)   Oh, and I would guess she left a bill and a receipt in the bag. ;)
Thought so. Hence the spoiler, the disclaimer, and the acknowledgement that this horse may have already expired and does not need continued abuse from the likes of me.
Got a plaid workshirt, the one with the funny collar button, for something like $14, I think it was. I like it a lot, collar included — it's probably my new second-favorite casual shirt, in fact.
Just listed:   Ermenegildo Zegna blue serge coat, size 37-38 S. Canali Proposta tan/brown houndstooth coat, size 45-46 R. Armani Jeans plaid shirt, size S (measures to 15.5-32/33).   Go look!   More sport jackets (Orvis and BB), some brand-new Timberland work boots, a couple of sweaters (blue cashmere, blue silk/cashmere blend, and yellow vintage Izod Lacoste), and some flat-front Zanelli trousers in size 36 coming up in the next few days, as well.
Once I sold a laptop that I hadn't used in forever. Buyer paid, and although it had worked fine the last time I tried it, figured it couldn't hurt to try. Lo and behold, batter no longer holds a charge. I just e-mailed the guy and very politely said, listen, I discovered a problem, and I'm about to issue you a refund but I can ship the computer anyway if you'd prefer. He thanked me and took his money back. No harm, no foul. I bet if I'd just refunded him and then...
  Funny you should mention that, I was just gonna try and find some MOP buttons and thick thread to do that with. I have a few double-cuffed shirts that could use something like this; I like to wear the cuffs nested rather than back-to-back for more casual applications, 'cause you get basically a barrel cuff with extra snazz.
Hi, all,   I have a question about a pair of Polo suede loafers. Here they are:     [[SPOILER]]   Anyone recognize this model and can name it? Anyone able to guess, based on this photograph, who manufactured it? I liked 'em, so I bought 'em, 'cause I deemed the price fair … now I'm trying to figure out what I've bought :D   I figured if there were one place to turn with my curiosity …   Thanks in advance for helping the n00b.
    Jimmy Page is a star and we are just satellites. But that's all right.   The Tool cover is maybe one of the only songs whose cover I like even better than the original. Faithful yet original, and rocks so damn hard.  
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