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Today, I found a pair of Red Wing USA-made steel-toed boots for $9.99. They fit great, and I haven't had a decent pair of boots in a long time. That's all, but I also left a plain charcoal Hickey jacket that was like a 50R. Couldn't find any pants, but I suspect this could be used as a passable odd jacket because it's dark and plain. If there's anyone here that could make use of such a garment, I'll see if it's there next time I go back to that Goodwill.
I have a few auctions ending about five or six hours from now. Two Canali jackets (navy 42 R and houndstooth, about 45 R) A navy Zegna jacket (37-38 S) An Armani Jeans shirt (S) A pair of tan Orvis desert/chukka boots (size 10, pretty close to new) A pair of brown Allen Edmonds Vibram-soled oxfords (13R, brand new condition)   It's here:     Dude, good job. Feels great, don't it?
GQ weighs in. Apparently, the Style Guy says that on jackets, it can go either way. In addition, I could swear that I had bought some clothes in France that buttoned on the opposite side although they were definitely for men.   However, the French also label women's clothing from 36 to 56 or so, not 2, 4, 6, 8 … as we do in the Anglo-Saxon world.   So my vote's for F — a 40 is at the small end of the women's clothing table I'm looking at right now. Translates as about a...
Canali checked jacket; custom-made plaid jacket in a subdued yet still very plaid blue Vitale Barberis Canonico Super 120s; slacks by the same tailor, about which I can't find any info (logo looks like a J and K in a handwritten signature, like JK if the parallel parts were laid on top of each other); gray flannels made in the USA for some shop in a rich part of town; all my size. Plus a Robert Talbott tie in a medallion pattern I like. (Anyone know anything about...
Loro Piana trench WANT.   Anyone interested in a couple identical grey charcoal pinstriped Tom James single-breasted coats, 42-44? If I can find the pants I'm buying them regardless, but I can't use the pantless jackets … but if there's anyone who can, and is in the size neighborhood, lemme know. 
Hey, that Pendleton is cool. Does it fit you?  
Man, you people find awesome pants.
Nice shirts, Dockers.   In the quest for cheap DIY lightbox perfection, I give you:   Want to figure out if this would work/if the bar would need reinforcing/etc. Opinions?
So I have this jacket, tagged 42S. It's gray, two-button, single-breasted, made out of something that's fairly heavy and stiff; one button on each cuff (?!). I think it must be custom-made because there are no tags anywhere on it besides the one stating the size. I picked it up for two reasons besides that it only cost like $10 and was one of several coats I found that day (though I somehow forgot to put a linen jacket I really wanted in the pile):   It is fully...
  Well done! I think the Strobist folks would approve.
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