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Ack. meant to be a PM. Sorry.
Hi there. Ending in a couple hours: three pairs of brand-new, tags attached, Zanella flat-front trousers! Mini-check pattern in the following colors.   Gray:   Brown:    Navy:    All are waist size 38, unhemmed inseam 38". You have the chance to get them at half off the sale price, or one-third retail! Thanks for looking; if you like what you see, please bid!
  On a Japan trip a few years ago, the ballgame was the coolest thing we did. We saw the Tokyo Yakult Swallows host the Chunichi Dragons. I wholeheartedly recommend going to the Meiji Jingu Stadium (I believe Babe Ruth played there as part of a Yankees barnstorming tour in the '20s!), sit in right field, and sing along with the rest of the awesome, enthusiastic supporters. Had a blast, and vendors come to your seats selling not hot dogs but alcohol (I think there was a...
Oh, and thanks to The WGP for the Park Aves — I just got 'em, polished 'em, and am very pleased with 'em. Perfect for my best friend's wedding this fall, I expect.
330CK: I thought opera pumps were all cemented, which would mean no nails … ? In any event, I'm well impressed.   PNutPug: That hat looks brand new (read: minimal stranger's-head grossness). That's just the sort of hat I'd do a touchdown dance if I found at Goodwill, especially if it fit. Well done.
Roger. Cotton goes without saying; split yoke I understand; will note need for pocket.
  There's always a big rack of black shirts at my local. Nothing eye-popping last time, but if I can snag a Banana Republic or J. Crew or something (those come through regularly) for two or three bucks, are you interested?
OK, that's the second Carroll & Co. jacket I've seen lately, so I think I'll ask: Anyone want me to proxy a navy Carroll & Co blazer, gold buttons, half canvas (I think), about a size 42R in my estimation? Ran across it today, seen them mentioned in this thread, can't use it, maybe someone could give it a good home. It's been in my local GW for like a month-plus.
Public thanks/shout out to LastDonB. I wound up winning an auction for a long coat he mentioned a few dozen pages ago. The thing's totally boss, and you got it here like right away. Thanks!
You all have just made me go see if I can find GoldenEye for the Wii. I wanna play that game now.   …   Ooh hey look, eBay is looking out for me. Score.
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