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  I've returned stuff bought from Lewin in England to their New York address. Worked fine.   edit: fixed the quotes
Hi, all. I've just been directed here from the Thrift Bragging thread. I have an issue with an eBay customer, and I'd like some advice from those who have been around the block, if you don't mind.     [[SPOILER]]    
Thank you. I'll head on over there — I was unaware of this development. As you were, then … and if someone wants to reply, feel free to find me over there :)
Hi, all. Mostly lurker, though I've traded messages with some of you. I have an issue with an eBay customer, and I'd like some advice from those who have been around the block, if you don't mind.   [[SPOILER]]
I owe a much belated thank-you to lastdonb, who traded me a navy suit for a gray sport coat like a month ago. We were discussing it and he went, "You know what, I'll just send it." However, I was on an extended trip, and didn't actually get the suit until yesterday. It is quite nice and plugs a wardrobe hole perfectly for me, and lastdonb is a fine fellow to deal with.   Lastdonb: I hope that you like the coat as well, or that you can at least get some use (or money)...
Found a Hilditch and Key shirt, fine dark purple and white stripes, 17" collar (my size), great shape, less than $10. SCORE.   Got it home, buttoned it up -- fit great!   Then I realized that the sleeves weren't bunching up a couple inches north of my wrists, but were in fact that short.   Anyone a 17/32 or so? If not, I guess I'll be wearing this one as a casual shirt with the sleeves rolled up. :)   Oh, and is anyone (I estimate) a 15.5-16 with the...
  JUST what I needed. Thanks x1,000,000.
  That's a nice tie. I'd have that off the rack so fast.   Today, got a BB navy pinstriped suit, made in 2006, 42L. Just noticed that there's a tear along the seam of the right trouser pocket :(   Also, a Nordstrom blazer in black-on-black herringbone Loro Piana camel. Also, a purple linen/silk Polo shirt, a linen Banana Republic shirt for knocking around in this summer. and a shirt by Ferragamo. Real MOP buttons, vertical stripes. And a Talbott tie for a California store...
Bump. Me too. Gonna be headed over there in a couple days, have a shopping list.
Today, found a Gitman Bros. shirt, 16/34, seemed to be in like new condition without tags (or just pressed really well). Barrel cuffs, split yoke, yadda yadda.     I'd totally wear this, as I like the cloth and construction and it feels pretty good in the body, but I can't button the damn throat. Trade?     Also found a pair of brown (or burgundy? I don't see shades of red very well) Allen Edmonds Chester wingtips in size 12! :)  Width B. :(  I am gonna...
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