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Aloha Rag shows them in their buyers section. Apparently they will have them.
I must be a large 43...
They are back on Mr. Porter.
Yes, they are true to size.
The sale ends at 9:00 tonight.
I don't jave any shoes to offer you but can tell you that I am a classic size 10 and Raf Simons size 43 fit perfectly. Gilt just sold out at $319 of these. Put yourself on the waiting list. I have had a lot of success with the waiting list.
I emailed Por Vocacao a while back and they are still expecting some Raf  arriving soon.
The Corner has them.
I'm just glad that it is tax refund time!
The Corner's silver chain shoe is the same as on Seven's preview site. I am wearing them now and love them.
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