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Agree with Pliny. Just not sure about the cut of the shirt. Would have preferred only seeing the knot of the tie, not parts on either side that extend around your neck. Probably unavoidable, given the extreme cutaway of the collar. Could have hidden part of it by going with a windsor knot, but like James Bond, I'm not a fan of those, either. :-)
While you're at it, you might want to check out their RTW trousers options at their haberdashery. Haven't been there myself, but they offer 11 different styles/cuts. You might find one to your liking and save on the time/expense of bespoke (assuming of course that you live anywhere near their London store).
John Malone has cut all of my pants from Anderson & Sheppard. I've only bought suit pants and odd trousers to go with blazers—no stand-alone, knock-around pants. I've been very happy. Like the previous responses, nothing too radical or flashy, just classic, comfortable, well-tailored trousers. And when I've had minor quibbles with something, Mr. Malone has been completely willing and able to make the adjustments, with a bit of good cheer thrown in for good measure.
Shirt and jacket look fine, but suggest you lose the belt. I don't care if the "H" stands for Hermes or Handsome, it's...how shall I say this...the opposite of subtle and understated.
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