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While you're at it, you might want to check out their RTW trousers options at their haberdashery. Haven't been there myself, but they offer 11 different styles/cuts. You might find one to your liking and save on the time/expense of bespoke (assuming of course that you live anywhere near their London store).
John Malone has cut all of my pants from Anderson & Sheppard. I've only bought suit pants and odd trousers to go with blazers—no stand-alone, knock-around pants. I've been very happy. Like the previous responses, nothing too radical or flashy, just classic, comfortable, well-tailored trousers. And when I've had minor quibbles with something, Mr. Malone has been completely willing and able to make the adjustments, with a bit of good cheer thrown in for good measure.
Shirt and jacket look fine, but suggest you lose the belt. I don't care if the "H" stands for Hermes or Handsome, it's...how shall I say this...the opposite of subtle and understated.
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