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I know a place here in Los Angeles that saved my wallet from a different, but no less disastrous, accident. I left a very nice wallet in my pants and ran it through the washing machine. I thought I was done for, but Shay—the owner of Shay's purse cleaner—at the following phone # and website, was a lifesaver. She took my wallet into "intensive care," and restored it, good as new. Suggest you call her, explain your situation and see what she says. Again, can't recommend her...
Great look. But I wouldn't tuck in the tie.
You obviously know what you've tied more than I do, but I have never seen a four in hand knot look so symmetric, regardless of how thick the tie was. 
Really terrific outfit. My only very minor quibble: would go with a four in hand knot instead of a full Windsor--a little more sprezzatura that way.
Fantastic, comfortable look. Well done!
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