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Fantastic, comfortable look. Well done!
I met last month with A&S on one of their semi-annual trips to NY, both to check the final fit on some new outfits, and to fine tune some older ones. In all cases, the adjustments were minor. Yes, they occasionally miss things, like all tailors do. But I've found them (Messrs. Hall, Heywood and Malone) to be unfailingly accommodating. Not only didn't they take issue with the adjustments I pointed out, but they proactively brought up ones that I missed. I sincerely believe...
I'd give the same answer if you were asking: "Is it too much to wear leather shoes and carry a leather briefcase?"  Carry whatever you need to carry to hold the stuff you want to transport. (Ok, I'll admit that I wouldn't recommend toting two grocery bags and defining them as "matched luggage.")  But no one is going to ding you for being "over leathered"--and if they do, the heck with them. Think about something important, like the Nepal tragedy, and release yourself from...
New Posts  All Forums: