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Touche--I hadn't noticed that he was (literally!) on the other side of the world.
I like the look, but the pants' color and fabric give it more of a spring/summer feel than the beginning of winter. That aside, very nice!
Agree. And I don't even think it's overly formal. Just crisp and clean. Infinitely better than the Regis Philbin monochromatic look.
Then a white/light checked shirt. Almost anything but the dark blue. Unless you're striving for a Good Fellas retro look.
I think the suit looks great, but I'd try it with a white shirt—the shirt in the picture is too blue and too close in tone to the suit, creating a mass of, you guessed it, blue.
Yes, re the bamboo--just don't get too close to any pandas.
Agree completely. Dennis, there's a difference between sprezzatura and "what were you thinking?" Put the tie back inside the jacket like the rest of us, and it'll look infinitely better.
Finding 14 ½ x 32 dress shirts is hard enough. And finding great quality and classic style at an unbelievably low price is practically impossible. Until now.   I have 3 dress shirts in perfect condition from Brooks Brothers. All are 100% cotton, with a moderate spread collar—the perfect core shirts for any man’s wardrobe. New, these shirts would be around $100 including tax; I’m selling them for only $15 each.   I have the following available (I’ve attached 2 pictures...
New Posts  All Forums: