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Not totally sure, but you might be able to have that small area rewoven. Find a dry cleaners that does reweaving (they do it all the time on sweaters with moth holes, for example). They'll take a few threads from under a sleeve/under the bottom hem where they won't show, and use them to reweave the trouble spot. In your case, it's so small that the cost should be very modest.
What does "bump for sub" mean?
Danny Hall, who has been with A&S for 28+ years as a Coat Cutter and Maker, will take over as Head Cutter for Mr. Hitchcock.
No problem. Glad you came to your senses before the wedding!
The words "wingtips" and "shorts" should never be used in the same sentence--or found on a male at the same time.
Re the pocket squares...start off with the basics: white, cotton or linen. Be sure to figure out in advance how big a square your pocket can accommodate. Personally, the standard 17", in linen, is way too big for my pocket and causes it to bulge out ridiculously. On the other hand, a 12" cotton or linen works well for me. As for Banana Republic chinos, don't really know.
I've had a double-breasted camel overcoat for some time now. It comes well below the knee, which I'm fine with, but it looks a bit long to me (maybe I'm getting more picky, or styles have changed, or I just didn't pay much attention when I bought the coat). Are there any guidelines on how far (e.g., mid-calf) a coat of this type should hit?   Thanks!
No idea, but the lapels are ridiculously wide enough to be the work of Tom Ford.
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