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Yes, and I have the same problem with a button down shirt and a suit, but with no tie. It's like guys that wear a tux, but pair it with a long black tie, or hipsters who wear a suit but think they're clever wearing it with tennis shoes. The fact that some people consider each of those a look doesn't make that look a good one. If you're going to go to the trouble of wearing a suit, go the rest of the way and wear a tie.
 I like both shirts, but have a slight preference for the striped one (the length of the collar points on it are a bit more in proportion than those on the white). As for a spread collar shirt without a tie, I don't "get" that look at all. A spread collar says "dressed up," so wearing it with a suit and no tie makes zero sense to me.
A lame attempt at humor.
Of course you button up the coat--it's meant to keep you warm. As for applying the sportscoat/jacket rule, that would be like saying that on button-fly trousers, we should leave the bottom button unbuttoned. 
i've got one word for you; Alden. They check off all the boxes you mentioned. And as luck would have it, I too used to be a Church's customer but switched to Alden.
Center vent.
The Brooks Brothers are their regular, traditional cut. The Ralph Lauren ones run slimmer.
I have 4, count ‘em, 4 pinpoint 100% cotton button down shirts in perfect condition from Brooks Brothers—in the classic Brooks style! New, these shirts would be $70+ including tax; I’m selling them for just $15 a piece. They've only been worn 2-3 times each and are like new! I have the following available: •4 Brooks Brothers blue pinpoint cotton button down If you need some great-looking 14 1/2 x 32 Brooks cotton shirts at a steal, you've come to the right place!  
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