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No problem. Glad you came to your senses before the wedding!
The words "wingtips" and "shorts" should never be used in the same sentence--or found on a male at the same time.
Re the pocket squares...start off with the basics: white, cotton or linen. Be sure to figure out in advance how big a square your pocket can accommodate. Personally, the standard 17", in linen, is way too big for my pocket and causes it to bulge out ridiculously. On the other hand, a 12" cotton or linen works well for me. As for Banana Republic chinos, don't really know.
I've had a double-breasted camel overcoat for some time now. It comes well below the knee, which I'm fine with, but it looks a bit long to me (maybe I'm getting more picky, or styles have changed, or I just didn't pay much attention when I bought the coat). Are there any guidelines on how far (e.g., mid-calf) a coat of this type should hit?   Thanks!
No idea, but the lapels are ridiculously wide enough to be the work of Tom Ford.
Not to pile on, but a button down shirt to me never looks right with a double-breasted jacket (a look that David Letterman fancied that still doesn't make it right). 
My pleasure. And thanks for being such a good sport about it!
 A four in hand knot. And it's "complements," not "compliments." Although if you tie the correct knot you should receive "compliments" for how dashing you look.
New Posts  All Forums: