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Eastland Kennebunk, size 8.5 (fits half-size large). Brand new. Brown.   - Made in Maine, USA - Handsewn by skilled Maine shoemakers using a traditional true moccasin construction - Made from American Horween® leathers, tanned in the USA with hand rubbed finishes - Cushioned leather socklining - Rawhide laces, made in the USA - Genuine leather welt - Vibram® lug sole - Heel Height:...
Looking for Redwing 9012 (Beckman moc-toe, chestnut) in size 8.5. Thanks!
frye dakota, redwing beckman 9011, and beckman 9015.
I just shot some video of these shoes and reviewed them:  
Could you update us on how these are holding up? Any current photos showing them with some wear-in? Thanks!      
Eastland Kennebunk in brown (made by Rancourt?). The toebox is a little longer and sleeker on these than maybe your standard moc boot. Stitch quality seems great. The leather is some type of oil-tanned Horweenn that shows a ton of grain and is thick and rigid out of the box. Leather midsole, leather insole with the same leather as the exterior. Real life color is a medium, ruddy brown, slightly reddish in some light.    I think the one thing they should have done was...
Thanks for the interior climate feedback on the beckmans. I guess really, the issue is wicking since let's face it, ventilation like you get from a pair of Asics just isn't in the cards for these boots. I do wear wool socks and notice with heavily oiled tanned leathers that the wicking sucks. All things being equal, the vamp liner can also be a factor. Cotton vamps are bad. Leather vamps or totally unlined vamps (eg Clark's DB) are best because they wick like crazy. I...
  How'd these turn out foryou? how's the quality, and what do you think of the suede top?
Could you guys with Beckmans (9011 especially) comment on the interior climate of the boot? Do these breathe well, is the leather lining wicking, or do they get hot and swampy over the course of full day wear? Thanks.
That's where I purchased mine. I think the price has gone up since I bought, and/or the coupons aren't as strong.
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