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 Thanks for the info! Carson, I'd appreciate your input when you get to try out the 4444s -- please keep me posted.
Hey everyone! I'm looking for some advice regarding sizing. I'm new to Tricker's, and I've read through the more recent pages here, though I'm still a bit confused. I take an 8.5E or 9D Barrie, and I'm trying to figure out my size in the 4444 last. If it makes a difference, the particular boot I'm interested in is the Superdenim collab, http://www.superdenim.com/prodpage.asp?productid=3523, which is on a dainite sole. From the Shoehealer page and from some members'...
Is Taylor Stitch still offering the 10% coupon with the new releases? I haven't gotten an e-mail from them for the past couple of weeks. If they're still offering them, anyone know what the code is for this week's restock? Thanks!
Can anyone comment on the fit of the glacier denim shirt? I've heard that they run a bit trimmer compared to other TS shirts. Also, do you experience any noticeable stretching as you wear the shirt? Thanks!
Hey guys,   I just received my first pair of Epaulet Rivet chinos in the caramel duck canvas. They fit great everywhere except they're a tad tight in the seat. I get some pocket flare when I sit although the waist is fine.   Will the duck canvas stretch at all in the seat after some wear? If not, is it possible to get the seat let out slightly without affecting the fit of the waist? Thanks!
Can anyone comment on the fit of the LDT jacket? Is it slim like an Andover or boxier like a Bedford?   Thanks guys.
What material is the shirt? Also, do you have measurements? Thanks!
Is the jacket new or used?   Also, can you post measurements? Thanks!
Getting users will definitely be a hard problem. My friends and I are going to start by getting our friends to join and trying to create as much engagement ourselves as possible in the beginning. I've been a lurker on SF and reddit mfa pretty frequently, and I feel like if we can incentivize users of sites like these to participate, we could get some initial traction. Some incentives could be a reputation or karma system that could potentially lead to additional...
Hi all, I'm kicking around an idea with some friends.   We want to build a website where you can easily get recommendations or alternatives for a clothing item (maybe the item's too expensive or you're looking for something Made in the USA, etc.). The process is you post a picture of the item with a description of the problem, and other users can provide suggestions or recommendations.    For example, instead of creating a specific thread on SF asking for similar...
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