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 Not at all. This is totally something Lagerfeld would wear daily. 
I love it! 
 How can you tell the age of a BB product? From what I have seen in the ties and suits I own from them, they haven't made many changes to their logo or anything in a long while. The most noted thing I have is a change of garment production (Greenfield to Southwick) or a change from Makers to Makers and Merchants in ties. Then again, all of my clothes are recent as I only buy discount.
I am not a troll. And yes, I did meet a man throwing away two ties last year and I don't want to get bedbugs from it. We were both coming off of the train and and the person threw out the days newspaper and two crumpled up of which was a Brioni. It's hardly that complicated. I don't remember the part about not being sure whether I own Brioni ties, as I have multiple--all purchased from NMLC. 
I think that green sticker is actually the one used for merchandise at the Barneys warehouse sale. 
  How could a slew of Narcisco dresses--all NWT-- manage to get ink stains on them? 
That is definitely a TJMaxx or a Marshalls tag. Judging by the control barcode on the bottom of the tag, I tend to believe that the tux was a full pair as suits from them will have a matching tag for both the top and bottom.    Also, the chain has been getting some strange--if almost vintage--deadstock items lately. I found a tie last month that had a copyright date on the graphic that dates back to the 1980's. Bought out a thrift store, perhaps? I think this could have...
  Your rolling out the welcome wagon wasn't exactly welcome. I'm not a total brand expert and I don't always get things right. You don't have to be nasty about it. Usually, most people aren't as rude as you are, but there are always exceptions. 
  That BB has to be fake. They make all of their ties in USA and that lining is not the one they use. While I'm at it, they also have Makers and Merchants under their name, not when they were established. 
  Sorry to tell you this, but that Lanvin is not the one you're looking for. It's a phony.  
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