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I've lived in Seattle my whole life and I finally branched away from the west coast for a change for college and it was a very interesting experience. Before I transferred to USC, I was attending a school in PA and I thought the people here weren't too different from the area I used to live in. But I did notice that the people on the east coast are more honest with you about everything and anything - this may come off as rude, but it's refreshing in my opinion. The...
^So, so true! I love the LA tux. So daring and unique.
It's pretty hard for me because I love both, but I give LA a slight edge, but that's just my personal opinion. I like mixing the two styles; it creates something interesting!
Just transferred from Penn State - University Park to University of Southern California. Man, did I miss the west coast . I'm on track for a double major either in Communication and Art History or Architectural Studies and Art History. I plan on going into Design and grad school eventually.
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