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The only reason I actually care is because he asked me for my opinion on the pairing, otherwise, I wouldn't have even known what he was going.  And no I don't plan on emulating the look at all, I probably can't either because the darkest dress shirt I own happens to be this color               The thread was still on the first page of the "Men's Clothing" subforum after 3 hours, and nothing irks me more than when there's a thread with a few dozen views and zero...
I need a reasoning for why, otherwise simply telling him "no" probably won't be that convincing.
Two votes and no feedback?   Surely you can do better than that.
The gist of it is basically that one of my friends is going to prom next week, and is planning on wearing a dark navy shirt with his black suit. Now normally I would be strongly against such a pairing, but he eventually convinced me to see the outfit first before I passed judgement.   Here's the weird part; the combination actually looks good,and he wears it very confidently.    Given this, should I keep trying to dissuade him from this outfit, or should I let...
    Of course you're not going to agree with that The "traditional core" of crossfit movements are all taken or adapted from traditional weight lifting, now that normally wouldn't be a problem, but apparently the top crossfit boffins decided that the most important part of doing these exercises was to do them as fast as possible, resulting in terrible form that is both inefficient AND dangerous. Have fun doing your seizure pull-ups    
I've heard that a 15 minute soak in 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water solution twice a day, should help you out.
No the winner of the crossfit games is the best crossfit "athlete" they are the ultimate "jack of all trades, master of none"
The mechanized line is a bit older, I believe they're supposed to be half-canvassed.
Hi all, I recently received a leather jacket as a birthday present from a relative in China. To my surprise, when I opened up the box and put it on, the quality of the leather was excellent, and possessed overall a very high level of fit and finish. However, much to my dismay, I quickly noticed that (due to general sizing differences) the torso of the jacket was absolutely massive. As much as I like the jacket, I can't stand walking around looking like a balloon while...
3x5's with compound movements like squats and deadlifts Find somebody experienced to help you when you start out, they'll keep your form in check and make sure you don't hurt yourself.
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