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Hi guys, could anybody shed some light on the world of Chinese Faux-Italiano brands? My current understanding is that many of them come from the same factory, just with different names (sometimes more than one per suit) tacked on. Browsing past threads, I've gathered that Joseph Bach=Abito Sartoriale=Luciano Bardelli=Mattazari Uomo=Marco Valentino   Can anybody confirm this relation? I'm asking because I recently purchased a "Luciano Bardelli" blazer for $340...
  All I'm saying is that if he's going in for an interview, his suit should take a backseat to how he carries himself. Besides, the only major issue with the fit of his suit has already been addressed dozens of times over.
  Perhaps it's just me, but it looks like his shoulders are rolled forward (judging by where his hands/arms hang) and his entire torso has a slight inward bent. Not saying that he's slouching, but he could definitely be standing straighter.
Your posture needs more help than your suit; unless you're just standing like that for the photographs, the way you carry yourself does not project a shred of confidence.   Chin up, shoulders back; your suit isn't worth a damn if you look meek and introverted while wearing it.
  Truth be told, they do show up from time to time on ebay, but 9 times out of 10, they're in horrible condition; severely scratched hesalite and a case and bezel that have been scuffed to hell. I did a restoration on one a few months ago, took me damn near three weeks.
  I doubt your credibility as a "snob" mainly because you sound like you're repeating whatever you've been reading in watch snob articles on askmen.
    I believe that it's either-or. Personally, I prefer the shell cordovan.   Edit: If you're willing to forgo the silver face, has an anthracite Orion listed for $1800.
If you're like me and enjoy Bauhaus design, look into NOMOS of Glashutte, their prices should be right up your alley.     Or you could go the vintage route if that's your thing.  
    Seconded   looks like the PO3018S  
    What does post-count have to do with anything? I simply asked for more feedback because I was getting none, there was no "ordering" involved, whether anybody chooses to oblige my request is completely out of my control.   If you're so convinced that I'm "trolling", then by all means, stop posting in the thread. You've offered no valuable feedback, in fact, all you've been is abrasive.
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