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Seconded.   Given your height and weight, you're already painfully thin. Bulk your way up to at least 190.
I'd consult ebay if I were you.   Topshelfapparel has a pretty good selection in and below your price range; BB is usually <$400   For example, assuming that you're a size 40   As for wearing black to work; the more conservative members of this forum are likely to be much against it, but if it's the...
I picked up the nike lunarglide 4, usually don't like Nike's running shoes but these have been very kind to my low arches.   Tried minimalist footwear before; I've always utilized a midfoot strike and I still damn near blew out my ankles on runs longer than 3 miles.
Can anybody help identify the tie used in all the top shelf apparel photos? I quite like it and seek one for myself.    
Looks a little short and tight in the shoulders   If you don't mind me asking, did they give you jetted pockets on request, or have you simply tucked the flaps in? I don't remember IC offering a black two piece with jetted pockets.
  That makes much more sense. 
  So it's essentially there for the sole purpose of distinguishing it from a suit? Well that's rather anticlimactic; I though there would've been some 'practical' reason as to why those features existed. Nevertheless, thanks for the explanation.
Does anybody know the reason as to why Tuxedos have satin lapels? Always wondered about that.
Just out of curiosity, how tall are you OP?
That was a one-off made by the movie's costume designer. anyways, according to this site the closest you're going to get is a coat Zegna made for their fall/winter 2012 collection (I think)
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