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Do you work for eBay?
Someone already mentioned new drops at The Corner - heads up that they include Rick and Costume National in addition to KVA.
It's 8% for Capital One but it doesn't apply if you use a coupon code.
Thread needs to be re-named "Chicks in Blazers."
Shirt too small. Porter is merciless.
I think everyone's point is you'd be better off calling first thing in the morning because ordering online at midnight isn't doing you any favors.
T-shirt I have runs small...
I'm probably repeating a lot of things: Wilfred's - I am sick of the BS at Wilfred's. They've done good work for me before but they've fucked up twice in recent memory. Manny is a good guy, but I don't know wtf is going on with their quality control. Apparently, I am not the only one. Bhambi - The work is good (had sleeves shortened at the shoulder on a suit jacket), but proportions suspect (sleeves and pant legs a little too long by default). Orchard Express - The...
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