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Navy - Grey - White Navy - Brown - White Brown - Grey - White   These ones are three great combinations and good colours to start off with.    Early buys;  Navy suit Grey suit Chocolate brown suit Navy sportcoat White shirts Blue shirts Brown brogue/wholecut/cap toe Black cap toe Grey flanell pants Brown leather belt Black leather belt Light brown pullover Navy cardigan
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How big isthe difference between Lonsdale, Connaught and Bedford? Is it worth to buy Lonsdale?
Try to find a navy suit, with two buttons. Very standard, but very classy. The most important thing is the fit of the suit, so look long and carefully on that. Look here on SF for more pictures and inspiration. 
Hi.   Imagine you had 5000€, to spend on shoes, and you've a worthless shoe wardrobe. Which shoes would you go for? 10-12 pairs CJ/Church's? 5-6 pairs of JL? GG? EG? A mix with a few JL and some CJ?   Pictures are of course welcomed. 
http://www.italigente.com/prestashop/prod/product.php?id_product=80   Italigente is a swedish-italian brand, with shoes made in Italy with a Blake Rapid-construction. They will last several years with careful shoe care.
Choose a pique instead of the short-sleeved shirt. It's of course ok to use a long-sleeved shirt and transform it into a more short-sleeved construction aswell.
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