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I noticed in several fit posts by Mr. Spoopoker that most of his collars have a slight but perfect outward curve to their drape.  I have experimented with brass stays, preshaping a pair to a slight curve.  I am very pleased with the results ( emulating the look of Mr.S is, I find, usually a good thing).  
I had the same problems with my Nordstrom purchases ( see earlier posts).  I returned the shoes and went across the hall at the mall to the AE store and they  happily price matched ( although stated they were not advertising this fact).  I ended up with a perfect pair of walnut Strands that I know are first quality.
I picked up the Bitter Chocolate Players ( along with the snuff and sand suede) at the 2 for $200 sale ( Paid 3 for $300).  I have found the bitter chocolate is actually more versatile colorwise than the snuff suede.  I also have a pair of Byron captoes in dark brown suede ( which looks awesome with my POW suit), but the bitter chocolate gets the most wear by far.
 I have a slightly different concern.  I have a few pair of AE's that see minimal wear - such as my walnut New Orleans which I wear a couple of times a year.  Do you have a treatment regimen for shoes that sit a long time?  My guess is leather will dry out if not regularly conditioned , whether worn or not.  Thoughts?
Manistee has brogueing which can make it seem a little too match with the Strands, but I wear it with khakis and navy blazer and it works quite well for me.
I purchased the Manistee in walnut a couple of weeks ago from the Shoebank for, I beleive, $38. 
While I am not prepared to hypothesize regarding Nordstroms motivations, I can relay my recent experience.  As I posted earlier, the first pair of walnut Strnds I tried on were so physically distorted, both the SA and I agreed that, if they were not seconds they should have been.  The SA  caledl another store to find a pair and asked that SA about condition, to which the reply was "Perfect". I paid cash and the SA had them shipped to my office.  The second pair arrived...
I went to Nordstroms last night to purchase a pair of walnut Strands - called ahead and they had one pair left.  When I put them on, the fit was fine, but I immediately noticed the toe box on one shoe was dramatically wider than the other.  I pointed this out to the salesperson and she immediately agreed they looked like two different lasts.  The finish on one shoe also had some color striations that almost looked like faint tiger stripes .  The sales person found...
  Are the Walnut Strands on sale?  If so, what price?
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