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someone please buy this wallet and the Samurais
Someone get this wallet! It's 150 dollars off retail and it's b.e.a. UTIFUL
I really can't lower these prices anymore, give me offers!
Lowered the price of the wallet and Samurai's to 150 each! Come on, that's a crazy bargain! Get at me
I need to make the payments within this week, how does no one want the Samurai wallet?
The inseam on the dukes are 38, my mistake, it was a typo.
all prices are negotiable!
I seen to always buy too much denim. I have a new plasma that I have to pay off so I'm going to let go of some of my precious denim items. You can ask questions and about shipping prices by emailing me at I will respond as soon as possible. Thanks for looking! Imperial Dukes Black 32x38 - 120 + shipping Waist: 33 Inseam: 38 Thigh: 11.25 Leg Opening 8.25 Rise: 11.5 Samurai Wallet - 150 + shipping Samurai S0505XX...
damn those are some nice finds!
get over your fear, it's not like there's cameras in the changing rooms
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