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Hey guys I need some help figuring out what brand boots these are.
Hey guys I'm looking for a tailor somewhere near the Los Angeles area, anyone have any recommendations, if so please let me know!!! Thanks in advance, Bruce
Anybody know of a pair for sale anywhere?
I'm looking for a pair of diesel thavar 8w7 in size 31x32, let me know if anyone's got a pair to sell!!!
What boots are these two? there both from the first page of this thread.      
What kind of boots are these, and what boot type would these be considered? any help would be great thanks in advanced!!    
I need some help identifying this shoes they look like a type of dessert boot but a shoe here a few pics, I'm pretty sure there both the same just different colors, any help would be great. Thanks Justin
  i need some help trying to find out which calvin klein suit this is, i found it on GQ and all it said was that it was a calvin klein collection, any help would be great, thanks.  
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