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Up for sale is a BNWT pair of size 32 Epaulet Tapered Rudy Trousers in Barberis Slate Guncheck. I special ordered them in March, and when I received them last week, a 32 is no longer the right size for me.   It seems that they ran out of the Slate Guncheck cloth when making Rudy special orders, so it doesn't seem right to hoard these in the back of my closet as "in case of weight gain pants". So, I'm offering them up for sale at a slight loss! Originally $205, I'm...
Thanks for the help! I found that thread after a few more google searches the other day. Now the real question is "When did RLBL start getting suits from Cantarelli?". I sent Ralph Laruen's customer service an email asking them about Cantarelli and, after a few exchanges, they still wouldn't give me an answer.      
  Either they stretched or I lost some weight from my rear end (which is a possibility with race season coming up). Matt told me in an email that the wool trousers tend to stretch a bit so I assumed that was the cause. From what you guys are saying, it might be a bit of both.  
What did you decide on the in-between sizing?   I'm having a similar issue with the Rudy's. I can wear both a 32 and a 30, and I can't make up my mind!   The 32 fits me great when I first get them, but the seat looks baggy and needs to be taken in after I stretch them a bit.I like the extra room in the thigh, but it's pretty negligible between the two sizes.   The 30's fit me like a glove to start with, and I'm sure they'll be perfect once I let the waist out an inch and...
I recently picked up a RLBL suit off of B&S, and the fit/tag is completely different from the Caruso fit/tag I'm used to. To me it looks like a Cantarell tag, but I thought I'd ask. I didn't know RLBL changed makers.  
Sorry to take the discussion back a few pages, but has the chest/waist fit of the RLBL suits changed? I've picked up a few suits/SC's from B&S and all of the items with the Caruso tag have that "flesh tuxedo" fit. The latest item I picked up has this tag:   The jacket with this tag has a much looser chest/waist fit. Just wondering if this is a change for the newer models?
Double post
Does anyone have experience with the Cramerton cloth Rudys? I received mine this weekend, and they fit a lot baggier in the waist/seat/thigh than my wool Rudys do. Has anyone else had this problem? I saw someone who said they hot washed/dried theirs and that did the trick, but I don't know if I want to resort to that.
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