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New Fred Perry Editorial just dropped...   When a subculture becomes as far ranging as punk, and subsections within the larger subculture develop, there are bound to be differences in interpretation. Still, it seems odd for anyone to claim, as is too often the case, that fashion and punk are not compatible. Fashion is a part of every youth subculture, but there are few, if any examples of fashion being so integral to a movement’s central ethos as it was to punk.   The...
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New Fred Perry X Raf Simons just arrived...   It’s fair to say, at this point, that Fred Perry is timeless. Their designs don’t lurch from trend to trend; they are what they are, and they are continually adopted by each successive generation.   Raf Simons, on the other hand, is thoroughly modern. His designs are not only famous in their own right, but have made him a highly valued collaborative partner for several prestigious and iconic brands. What makes Raf Simons an...
 sorry, late ... but yes
 yes sir, we have it on order ... still waiting for the full shipment to arrive though. just a heads up, release date on all the crossbones stuff was pushed to 9/10. 
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