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bodega 50% off end of season sale, product ranging from nanamica to nike and carhartt wip - http://shop.bdgastore.com/collections/sale
BODEGA HOLIDAY BUYING GUIDE   The holiday season is here, and everyone has at least one person who is just impossible to shop for. When it comes to the world of sneakers and streetwear, all of the names, labels, and subcultures can seem downright impenetrable, especially if you’re gift shopping. Let our holiday gift buying guide be your shortcut through the hedge maze of youth culture.   READ HERE            
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bodega marked down all past season styles by 40% incl. but not limited to EG, Rough & Tumble, Ten-C, Stone Island, Nanamica, etc. - http://shop.bdgastore.com/collections/sale
nike free inneva woven II sp via bodega    
    Daikai Suzuki, of Engineered Garments, manufactures shirts under the Rough and Tumble banner using traditional, industrial shirtmaking techniques to produce non-traditional garments. These tweaks can be as subtle as a layered pocket which gives the impression of a pocket square, or they can be as bold as patchwork construction using wildly contrasting patterns. Whatever your stylistic preference is, Rough and Tumble is sure to deliver on it with a twist.   SHOP...
20% off all Air Max styles, today only: http://bit.ly/airmax326
staff picks from our sale section, all 60% off. shop here: http://shop.bdgastore.com/collections/sale  
bodega's annual sale is offering 40% off past season styles. link: http://shop.bdgastore.com/collections/sale
 not at the moment, hopefully we'll be able to link back up with them soon though... since they are just down the street and all
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