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 Whats your feelings on the SS16 ones?
Whats your feeling on the SS16 d02's?
What's the best d02 year?
Whoa, ill take a look. Thanks so much, I knew i came to the right place. I figured let me post the pictures before i pull the trigger because they're so damn much.
Anyone else want to weigh in? thanks for the help. This will be my first Alden purchase.
I like the pulls. I just think the shorter one doesn't look right.
Do the pull loops look much smaller on this years tankers from Context? Which one do you guys like better? I'm wondering if I should still order them. I appreciate everyone's opinions.   new ones   older ones
Anyone have a pair of Context | Alden tankers, Black Shell in a 7D sitting in their closet and would be willing to sell them?
Look familiar?   Nike SB Icon Graphic Fleece Crew
http://r.ebay.com/yt7OhA   Brand new with tags. 1947 Levis Vintage Classic 501xx Made in USA. Bought two pairs in '06, wore one and saved these. Tag says w 33 L 32. Measures approximately 31.5 x 31.5 (see last picture) I'm not a professional photographer so if you need any additional pictures please don't hesitate to ask. Same goes for if measurements are needed. No returns accepted, so ask all and every question before bidding.
New Posts  All Forums: