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Neiman Marcus anNeiman Marcus and it's going back. The other tag is tucked in.
It is SLP and I thought the same thing. Maybe it's some weird version they sent to Neiman Marcus. I'm of avg height and weight, so i dunno.
Thanks, I thought the same thing. Sucks cause I really like the jacket.
Lol Yeah, I figured.  Should i get them altered or just forget it at that price?
I'm thinking this is a return. fit opinions?  
im thinking this is a return. fit opinions?  
classic moto jacket owners - size question. Does the waist area stretch? I sized down to get a real snug fit, but have to suck in my stomach to zip it. Should i get my regular size or stick with this one?
Does anyone have the black cafe racer from two seasons ago sitting in their closet collecting dust and perhaps would like to sell it? size small
hoit and mdubs thanks. Ill call context tomorrow afternoon.
Please help, Where can i get this boot from? Context has it in Color 8. I'm wondering if anyone knows where to get it in black shell. Thanks so much for any help  
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