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If Hedi started his own line, would this thread be a ghost town?
Thanks so much for getting back to me. I'm looking for the classic leather biker jacket.
Anyone? :/ If anything, shoot me message and let me know. I'd appreciate it greatly.
Where's everyone buying their SLP clothing? I noticed a big price difference in EU and Britain prices compared to US. Are there any boutiques that send to US that you can recommend?
 Whats your feelings on the SS16 ones?
Whats your feeling on the SS16 d02's?
What's the best d02 year?
Whoa, ill take a look. Thanks so much, I knew i came to the right place. I figured let me post the pictures before i pull the trigger because they're so damn much.
Anyone else want to weigh in? thanks for the help. This will be my first Alden purchase.
I like the pulls. I just think the shorter one doesn't look right.
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