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I love every single one of your shirts.  The colors, collars, and everything is perfect.  Is it possible to email them my measurements or will I need to fly to Italy?  Please give me all of this information. I would greatly appreciate it.
Any online store that sells high quality made to measure suits under $700?   or any high quality suits i can buy online that can be easily altered to fit me perfectly?   I need to buy about 4 suits.
Please post any recommendations.
I am very interested in buying several pairs of sunspot boxers.  Does the material feel soft and silky?
I went to hermes and it says 3.15:   are all the hermes ties considered skinny ties?  I love the designs.
I went to and love the neckties they have. Are those 3.5 inchers?
I am looking to build my tie collection. I hate skinny ties but I have seen some that are semi slim.  A litter slimmer than full sized ties.   I dont know what I should go with. Full sized or Medium sized.
What shoes should I wear with great fitted raw denim jeans?
I do like the fade they have in the lenses. Looks very unique.   Which color combo did you get?
My son loves brooks brothers.  I recommend the Milano Brooks Brothers fit pants. For shoes I recommend alden.  Or something cheaper incase you want to save.. maybe some clark desert boots.   For shirts you can get brooks brothers shirts or any well fitting dress shirt.  You can pair it up with a nice merino wool or preferably a cashmere sweater.   Cardigans are also great!
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