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 Word. I think it's from 1995 or so. Got it for $10. someone on the bay will like it.
This Value Village never has anything. But this is a little somethin. Made by the fine people of Crewe England for Chester B is this Cashmere Blayzah . Has a torn lining and torn interior pocket corners. Is this repairable ?    
Don't see this one too often. Long way from home.
I couldve used the coat when i was in ATL last january. Had to wait outside for the hotel shuttle for 45 mins and it was like 20 degrees.
Gents- Anyone know how to tell the difference between cashmere and camel hair by touch or feel?? I have this Polo DB over coat that is made in USA has no fabric tag, is super soft like cashmere and looks like the classic Polo tan camel hair over coat (same pockets,lapels etc) but I have not found any info that they made this coat in black. I looks black from afar but up close has a greyish hue. So how to tell ?    
Capn Wes! (or other well-versed shell people) --Are these Florsheim Imperial 93605's toast? Or can these cracks fixed??    
Nice heavy fabric. A Bathing Ape button down casual shirt in size M. A blackwatch pattern with blue and green. Has the Ape logo sewn into the left breast. Also, 93 sewn in to the right arm. A very nice piece ready for fall.
So what's this "Super China" ????     Anyone know ? Its a Nordstrom Houndstooth Blazer.
Who knows the deal with this brand? Made in NYC. Has a soft hand, seems well constructed and has MOP buttons so I bought it.  
  Thanks fellas ! Learn somethin' every day !
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