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Fellas !    Who makes this ??         u guys r the best !
X5 of these today - Knoll Generation Office Chairs- available locally
Available. Sz M -Nataku was this made in Japan?        
Not a Ferrari, but paid for with eBay bux from thrifting ! 1971 Series 1 240z   I know someone on here has had or has one, right ?    
          Thread first ?    Blvck Scvle
Nataku ! I picked this at a GW. What do I have here ? Any idea on vintage ? Do you know the temp rating ? Weighs about 4-5 llbs. I couldn't leave this vintage down bag behind...    
I couldn't pass this 1960's Penn Reel up. Minty fresh !   Couldn't pass this up either...Local PDX artist Carol Grigg .  
Bee Gees Belt Buckle = Rad
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