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How the heck can you tell 1983 ? You're good ! So this is from the 80's and not the 70's ? Size tag has "79" as the first number.
Vintage day yesterday all available   BR leather vest       Tempco goose down vest       REI Co op Gore Tex jacket    
Quick strike in the GW ! Pointer Brand Shawl Collar Jacket in Hickory available    
Agreed. HNL is not cool. My mom in law lived there. Been there a lot. People don't drive with "aloha" and they are some of the worst drivers. The Traffic sucks. Rush hour is all day, worse than the SF Bay area. Too many people crammed on that island. I miss the Poke though ! Kauai is where it's at. Nice vibe. Friendly people. Maybe i'll thrift a condo there
Charvet tuxedo shirt. XL. i never wear a tux. available  
I have this LP 100% cashmere that is just a wee bit too small -it's an L- shoulders just off as well as cuffs on me --><--I wanted to fudge it and keep it really bad and make it work but alas--too small. reluctantly available -has a couple of moth bites on the back.  
Nice kitty Volt !   Here's some of yesterdays wares all available unless otherwise stated   Epaulet Gitman Vintage M 3Sixteen sweater with ticket pocket and errythang Foo's N/A   Asics Gel Nimbus 16 in 11.5 looks like worn once -maybe available  
Here's some stuff: all available except LP cashmere (need to repair moth bites) anyone know if it's possible ??   Size 7.5   MJ back pack Paul & Shark Laptop Bag   and for dem small foots : Size 7 Incotex Chino Lino 34 X 36  
Oh ! Thanks Haser... I thought this was the Caruso label:
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