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Who knows the deal with this brand? Made in NYC. Has a soft hand, seems well constructed and has MOP buttons so I bought it.  
  Thanks fellas ! Learn somethin' every day !
Fellas -- What textile is abbreviated BB ?
Been away for a while (when its not raining in OR we go outside) Also working on another '71 CB 350. Anyway, picked up this the other day and thought it was worth a brag. Theta AR.   Fabrique Au Canada ! My size- N/A    
Stoked on these Alexander McQueen shoooz I found today. Worn once maybe? Too small for me. Size 8 available  
Standard cuff .
I have 2 Brioni dress shirts 16X35 to trade:       Looking for vintage 70's and 80's Hang Ten and OP shirts- Like this:   LMK what you have. USA made only please.
Hey, wait a minute GM-H! Picked this up yesterday. I heard $2000+ retail on these? 100% Camel Hair Made in USA.    
Thanks Cap !
Made in Italy Louis Boston Wool/Cashmere,SC with Surgeon cuffs. Can anyone ID this tag ???  
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