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Super gently owned. Excellent condition with no holes, stains, odors. Nom De Guerre walking jacket in a handsome mineral blue color. Supreme construction throughout. Made in Japan. $430 retail.   Measurements: p2p- 25, shoulders- 21, center of collar to sleeve end- 35.5, collar to hem- 38
Who likes made in Japan Nom De Guerre ? Link in my sig
I had a dream last night that I was looking through the scarves and found an Hermes. I got all excited and picked it up but it was rough like burlap and no hand rolled edges. Then I looked closer at it and it said HERMYS made in China --->      
That jacket work out ?? Dude is in Ukraine and had 0 Feedback.... You are much braver than me sir.
330CK---"dries up faster than a sorority girl at a comic book convention"       Love the tuxes with the photos Wes. Awesome work !
You telling me that store #1's pricing person knows about Kiton  ?? I doubt it. The boutiques on Hawthorne and NW 10th never have Kiton or anything better than Zegna for that matter. (in terms of resale value). They try to sell skeets for $45 Been having luck with the B.E. on Burnside though. We should do a run sometime.
the big one
Worked out pretty good i'd say. *pop* 1st kitty tie for me available Borrelli too:
How the heck can you tell 1983 ? You're good ! So this is from the 80's and not the 70's ? Size tag has "79" as the first number.
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