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I couldn't pass this 1960's Penn Reel up. Minty fresh !   Couldn't pass this up either...Local PDX artist Carol Grigg .  
Bee Gees Belt Buckle = Rad
Scares me that it needs a left rear frame rail  Picked these bad boys up yesterday. Alden 907's    Me likey the new thread . Whales n' all
Im making a Street Tracker out of one of these as we speak. Bought it for $200
Fellas : Is this a vintage Kevlar Sailing Jacket from TH ? What do I have here ??           Also gots a made in Canada Arcteryx Gamma SV SZ M with long arms available  
Super gently owned. Excellent condition with no holes, stains, odors. Nom De Guerre walking jacket in a handsome mineral blue color. Supreme construction throughout. Made in Japan. $430 retail.   Measurements: p2p- 25, shoulders- 21, center of collar to sleeve end- 35.5, collar to hem- 38
Who likes made in Japan Nom De Guerre ? Link in my sig
I had a dream last night that I was looking through the scarves and found an Hermes. I got all excited and picked it up but it was rough like burlap and no hand rolled edges. Then I looked closer at it and it said HERMYS made in China --->      
That jacket work out ?? Dude is in Ukraine and had 0 Feedback.... You are much braver than me sir.
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