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For sale are my hardly worn Florsheim Wingtip Oxfords size 9.5D with shoe trees.  I have hardly worn these shoes as they do not really fit me well.  Uppers are in great shape.  Will ship only within the United States.
I tried to post this in the Alden thread, however it says thread is locked.  I just received a pair of new Alden 920s from the store in NYC.  They literally just came in and fit perfect.  However, I noticed there is some creasing around the toe.  My question is should I go back to the store and ask for a "fresh" pair?  They are not cheap shoes, however I don't want to seem over anal.  Shoes to get creases in them with wear.  Someone may have just worn them around in the...
Final Price drop to $180.  If they do not sell at this price, I will end up keeping them.
For sale are my black Wolverine 1000 mile boots size 9D.  I hardly wore them last winter.  Boots come with original box as well as shoe bags.  I have excellent seller ratings on ebay under bluedoomhammer and watchuseek forum under Sidrox25.  I will only ship within the United States.
+1 I hear they get better with age in terms of color and patina.  The J&M's are my beater shoes for foul weather etc. 
Those are some sick shoes.  They look great!
Does anyone have any shots of Ravello PTB? I would love to see them, especially when aged.
Thanks, I skimmed it and I agree their are low end shoe trees out there as well.  Mine are all cedar shoe trees which I feel is a must.  I just wondered if it really mattered in the cedar shoe tree range.  I know their are high end shoe trees that are custom molded to fit your shoes.  I don't need to go that far.  My Alden's are an investment, I wanted to make sure I take good care of them.
Question about shoe trees.  I own a pair of Alden 966's the I keep fresh with some Nordstrom shoe trees.  I just purchased a pair of Alden PTB in color 8 and I have an extra set of Clark shoe trees as well.  My question is does it make sense to buy one shoe tree over another?  For example I don't need another Nordstrom shoe tree or even an Alden one?  The Clark tree is cedar as well, so I imagine I am all set?
New Posts  All Forums: