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+1 I hear they get better with age in terms of color and patina.  The J&M's are my beater shoes for foul weather etc. 
Those are some sick shoes.  They look great!
Does anyone have any shots of Ravello PTB? I would love to see them, especially when aged.
Thanks, I skimmed it and I agree their are low end shoe trees out there as well.  Mine are all cedar shoe trees which I feel is a must.  I just wondered if it really mattered in the cedar shoe tree range.  I know their are high end shoe trees that are custom molded to fit your shoes.  I don't need to go that far.  My Alden's are an investment, I wanted to make sure I take good care of them.
Question about shoe trees.  I own a pair of Alden 966's the I keep fresh with some Nordstrom shoe trees.  I just purchased a pair of Alden PTB in color 8 and I have an extra set of Clark shoe trees as well.  My question is does it make sense to buy one shoe tree over another?  For example I don't need another Nordstrom shoe tree or even an Alden one?  The Clark tree is cedar as well, so I imagine I am all set?
I am just debating on ordering either PTB or Chukka's in color 8 shell.  Not sure which looks better both with jeans and slacks.  Also how does the shell look after its aged?  I would love to see some pics.  Ideally I wanted a Ravello shade, but its too difficult for me to locate.
So question for either of these shoes.  Are they goodyear welted?  For that price I would think they would be...
So forgive me if this topic has come up many times before.  I am actually interested in purchasing the following shoes from Ralph Lauren on sale at 50% off.   http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=18660556&cp=1760781.1898623.1899793&ab=bc_dress&parentPage=family   Just wanted to see if there are any opinions on them.  I know the high end RL are made by crockett and jones in England.  Don't know how far below the ones above are in quality.   I can...
Hey guys so I just got my Alden 966's a few weeks ago and love them.  Most comfortable shoe I have ever owned.  My question is what do you guys pair them with in terms of pants?  I wear them with Khaki pants and dark jeans.  Not sure what my other options are and wanted to see what you guys match with them?
10 points to anyone who can id them!  
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