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How's the stretch going on those 28s so far?
I ended up ordering these in a size 30, can't wait to get them. http://www.nudiejeans.com/shop/dry-selvage/p/2745
Guys, I am in the process of purchasing a pair on nudie jeans model steady eddie.  I typical wear between a size 31-32 waist.  My question is should i size nudies down a size for stretch?  I tried on a pair of slim jims and a 31 fit perfect, while a 30 fit was very tight in the waist.  Does anyone have any experience with this brand?  Can I count on some sort of stretch that comes from typical raw denim?  Here is a link to the jeans I bought...
Here was one size down which I returned, not sure if I should have done that.  
I just bought these jeans and was wondering if they looked too big on me?  I originally bought one size down and they felt like spandex.  Not sure if this is a good fit for my body type.      
Guess weird guy fit doesn't suit me lol.
Just got the sized 31's today (1 size larger).  Thighs are much better, waist is slightly loose though.  Good call on the jeans, I think overall I will enjoy wearing these more.  They feel less like spandex.      
I am a 32 waist and blue owl shows this pant in size 30 is actually a 32. Waist is perfect right now too. Should sizing up be an issue otherwise? I don't want waist bunching up on me later.
I got them yesterday.  The looks is excellent, but its a bit tigh/ snug around the thighs.  I am sure they will stretch out. As I said before I am not a big fan of skinny jeans, but I don't mind slightly fitted.  Not as roomy as the Levis 513, but will they become like that over time?  The slim guys stretched out to the point of being slightly loose on me.         Here are how my Slim Guys fit for a reference.  
Question guys on the fit of the jeans. Does raw denim shrink once washed for the first time. I thinly they are slim enough as it is and I don't want them to shrink any further. These are n&f slim guys.    
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