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So question for either of these shoes.  Are they goodyear welted?  For that price I would think they would be...
So forgive me if this topic has come up many times before.  I am actually interested in purchasing the following shoes from Ralph Lauren on sale at 50% off.   http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=18660556&cp=1760781.1898623.1899793&ab=bc_dress&parentPage=family   Just wanted to see if there are any opinions on them.  I know the high end RL are made by crockett and jones in England.  Don't know how far below the ones above are in quality.   I can...
Hey guys so I just got my Alden 966's a few weeks ago and love them.  Most comfortable shoe I have ever owned.  My question is what do you guys pair them with in terms of pants?  I wear them with Khaki pants and dark jeans.  Not sure what my other options are and wanted to see what you guys match with them?
10 points to anyone who can id them!  
Don't get me wrong, the shoe is great.  But for me its a big investment and for some reason the longwings don't feel right.  If I could have the exact same shoe in a different style then I'd rather go down that road.
Thanks, but does that come with Barrie Last as well? I checked on a few websites and I see different lasts for those designs.
So here is my dilemma.  I just picked up a pair of Alden LWB from J Crew that have the Barrie last.  Super comfortable shoe.  I can't even put AE on my feet.  They hurt the ball of my foot.  The Alden's were comfortable right out of the box.  I am not sure if I am crazy about the long wing design though.  My question is does Alden make similar style shoes in different designs?  I prefer wingtips over longings so I'm pretty open to new designs.     Suggestions would be...
I recently purchased pair of j crew longings in tobacco and shoes look beautiful.  I am contemplating on returning them for a different shade.  My question is basically this, is the tan in alden the same shade as the tobacco in alden j crew?  I was thinking about these wingtip boots.   http://s121.photobucket.com/user/zendoggy/media/03b20142.jpg.html   I like the color better in that picture.  But not sure if it is the same as the ones I have currently.  Thanks guys!
Guys, need some help.  I am trying to decide between the two leather jackets below.  Just want to see what cut people feel is better.  They are both the similar styles as well its just one is black and other is brown.    
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