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Can someone send me a referral code? PM me. Thanks
Question... Does anyone have pictures of a burnished brown pair of AEs next to a pair of bourban? I'm on the fence between my next purchase. Most likely will be a park avenue or fifth in one of the two colors mentioned above but would love to see a comparison picture or any SF opinions to help me decide.   If it matters, I have a pair of black hales, walnut strands and a random pair of cordovan (colored) cap toes. Any advice is appreciated.
  Is it just that the denim stays darker and for fading purposes? Also, after the denim shrinks from the hot soak, is there anything else to take into account before hemming? Thanks again for the knowledge.
Hey guys, just purchased my first pair of raw denim in the WG LHTs. Pretty pumped about the pickup but after reading through this thread pretty religiously, I am still confused (maybe I am just slow) on how to treat my jeans right out of the box. Can't decide wether to pre soak (cold v. hot) or to just start wearing? Also, I'm about 5'11 with decently long legs and plan on cuffing just once. I have gathered that chainstitch hemming is the way to go but how do I know how...
Thank you for the very indepth breakdown. I am with you in the fact that I like the appearance of leather soles better but I'm a big fan of the dovetail heel and I wear through my soles so quickly that maybe the rubber top would be a good move. Thanks again.
How do the Brooks Brothers AEs differ from the regular Allen Edmonds? I remember this being discussed in this thread but did not fully understand the answer. I know they have the dovetail heel and the combination sole, but is that it? Also, do people generally like the combination sole compared to a full leather one? Also, is the inside of the shoe more padded for comfort?   I'm about to pull the trigger on a pair of BB Walnut Strand seconds and wanted your guys'...
Havent been following the forums that much but I just wanted to know if the 2 for $300 second sale has already passed? I remember it being in December last year but from reading through the threads it looks like it was before thanksgiving...   Any idea on whens the best time to scoop up a pair of walnut strands and a dark brown park ave? Thanks
Interested in the Hales... I heard they are 1st quality and not seconds. For $129 thats tough to pass up.  What are everyones thoughts? I was planning on making my next purchase a pair of fifth avenue in black. Although they are similiar, I'm not sure how I feel...  
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