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 Please do! Wearing them.
I liked the season and the finale.   Having said that, I feel like it was too extreme to have them all killed. It's to be expected now that everyone dies at the end of a show.   Oh, Antigone's kid was from Ray, right?
 Yeah, I was disappointed when I was in London for a week. I thought I'd get to know some "original" Brits, but I think the only one I met was my tailor.
 Fck yeah!
 Disagree about button stance (nicely low by itself) and the shoulders (should not be any narrower, maybe softer).
Yeah, the Liverano cut would also require a three-button configuration. The lapel looks too much of a straight line above the button. The top button would break that up a little, with the lapel somewhat rounded.
 Why the hyperbole? Is it impossible for Cifonelli to do wrong?
 I've seen that pic on tumblr. DB in navy worsted with patch pockets?! I get the idea of a blazer suit, but this particular combination seems really off.
  Kotaro does ask about the fit (length, fullness) of the pants, though, so this may be a stylistic choice.
 I would say that the shoulders are extended already (as per Fiorentine style).
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