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Why don't we have certain fixed dates (like twice a week) where someone compiles the 20+ for this thread? That would ensure batches of cool fits.   Also, I agree with excluding posters who were given "mercy thumbs". It has become quite the habit.
He totally should've done the hot lady from the plane.
This thread has replaced WAYWT as my go-to-thread when entering the site. Don't even check the latter anymore.
Sad to see Don in the place he is in right now.
Such beautiful suits from iammatt (except that b/w-stripe-thing) - are they all Rubinacci?
Strongly disagree - I think the shoulders compliment his frame pretty well. I see far too many skimpy narrow shoulders around.
Ok, cool, makes sense. I read a lot about him having "ass cancer" and thought that might be another "subtle" hint at it.
So, anyone understand what the tampons Hart bought were about?
 Disagree! While this list is not perfect, it's still a great compilation! Junge!
I think some of you are missing that the next season will have nothing to do with the current one.
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