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 Disagree about button stance (nicely low by itself) and the shoulders (should not be any narrower, maybe softer).
Yeah, the Liverano cut would also require a three-button configuration. The lapel looks too much of a straight line above the button. The top button would break that up a little, with the lapel somewhat rounded.
 Why the hyperbole? Is it impossible for Cifonelli to do wrong?
 I've seen that pic on tumblr. DB in navy worsted with patch pockets?! I get the idea of a blazer suit, but this particular combination seems really off.
  Kotaro does ask about the fit (length, fullness) of the pants, though, so this may be a stylistic choice.
 I would say that the shoulders are extended already (as per Fiorentine style).
 This has to be the epitome of Styleforvm.
 I think it sufficiently contradicts the blatant ignorance displayed in the post I quoted.
Thom Sweeney will be perfect for a modern slim cut. Had a navy suit made there. Their prices are below SR, too, while the cutters learned at Maurice Sedwell and others.   Anything I've seen from Boateng looked terrible in my opinion.
 I do like the US. Always have. However, I can legally drink a beer on the street, in the park or any other open space in Europe.
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