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Yeah, the Liverano cut would also require a three-button configuration. The lapel looks too much of a straight line above the button. The top button would break that up a little, with the lapel somewhat rounded.
 Why the hyperbole? Is it impossible for Cifonelli to do wrong?
 I've seen that pic on tumblr. DB in navy worsted with patch pockets?! I get the idea of a blazer suit, but this particular combination seems really off.
  Kotaro does ask about the fit (length, fullness) of the pants, though, so this may be a stylistic choice.
 I would say that the shoulders are extended already (as per Fiorentine style).
 This has to be the epitome of Styleforvm.
 I think it sufficiently contradicts the blatant ignorance displayed in the post I quoted.
Thom Sweeney will be perfect for a modern slim cut. Had a navy suit made there. Their prices are below SR, too, while the cutters learned at Maurice Sedwell and others.   Anything I've seen from Boateng looked terrible in my opinion.
 I do like the US. Always have. However, I can legally drink a beer on the street, in the park or any other open space in Europe.
Do we even need spoilers in this thread anymore? The show mostly caught up with the books by now, right?
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