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In your price range, Sartoria Vergallo in Varese comes to mind: http://www.sartoriavergallo.it/en/   I think their suits start at 1800€.
 He'll be there. I know b/c I asked for a fitting some time around then. I'd ask in advance, though, if he takes new clients right now, as others said.
When going for a blue suit, I'd always go as dark as possible. Remember that fabrics will always look brighter as a suit than as a "page" in a swatch book.   Only reflecting what I've experienced (suit came out less formal than expected), I won't judge your selection from only seeing the photos.
We do have several threads for that. The most recent being http://www.styleforum.net/t/404781/ongoing-bespoke-projects
Russia to deploy troops in Syria to kick some IS-ass. Finally, I might add.   http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/95971a4e-607d-11e5-a28b-50226830d644.html
 Which only means that the "immigrants" can be registered and let in the country anyway. Everybody has a right to apply for refuge and will be put in a amenity while the application is processing. Especially Syrians will not be denied and deported. People (politicians, media) keep asking themselves why they are all coming to Germany? Maybe it's because they'll give money and food and shelter to everybody and their cousin? Maybe because a vocal minority keeps chanting...
 I would say that's a rather optimistic estimate. My order will take about 8-9 months, as it looks right now.
That whole thing will not end well.   Things were going (relatively) good in Europe for the last decade, but this will make everything so terrible.
Suit Supply sounds about right for you.   Many argue that the correct path to bespoke is to find out the "hard way" (going through several RTW) what shape really fits your style and body. I have to agree to that, even after years of RTW and then going bespoke I still found some things I should've done differently for the next suit.
 Please do! Wearing them.
New Posts  All Forums: