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Great post and photos, thanks for that!   I personally am not a fan of (half-)peak lapels on a SB, but to each his own. Otherwise the suit looks perfect.
The football match Germany vs Netherlands in Hanover has been canceled due to a terror threat. High ranking politicians were expected, including Merkel. Police choppers patrolling the skies as I write.
 Maybe not in this thread right now - but Merkel surely is.
Inconspicuously sneaking your Merc into a fit: draw between justintinkapur and mcobinad.
Looks itchy
I would say the outfits you posted above are either too bright in colors and/or feature too low contrasts.
Wow, that's disgusting - no shisha-café, kebab joint or Mosque in sight!
Cleav has to be the best consistent poster of the last year. Don't remember a fit I didn't like.
Architects propose building whole new cities in Germany for our new Arabian citizens. The proposal includes everything from street cafes to mosques.   http://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article147740932/Willkommen-in-Neu-Aleppo-der-Stadt-fuer-Fluechtlinge.html   I'd like to the the (supposedly) liberal architects' reaction to the first public hanging of homosexuals or stonings of adulterers (=women who have been raped).
No, sorry, I haven't used their services. You can find reports on certain style blogs, though.
New Posts  All Forums: