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From the short scene in the trailer, I'm pretty sure Han meant the Falcon. The surroundings looked like the tunnel to the cockpit.
 ? Han is from Corellia, Chewbacca from Kashyk. They are not Tatooine natives.
 I like your style.
...counting the seconds to certain users' reply that 426 blue jackets are fine.   To actually answer: my wardrobe is mostly made up of blues, whites and greys and differentiate themselves through pattern and texture, yes. I personally would not have grey odd jackets, though.
So, has anybody posted the link to this Episode VII synopsis that sounds entirely legit, especially when rewatching the trailers...?   Possible spoilers obviously.   http://makingstarwars.net/2015/05/a-compiled-synopsis-of-star-wars-the-force-awakens/
 Possibly a little tight in the chest, yes, but disagree about the shoulders - they look great. I think narrow shoulder lines are a curse that came with tiny lapels.
A lot of pics of him on tumblr refer to his jackets as Orazio Luciano ones.
Great post and photos, thanks for that!   I personally am not a fan of (half-)peak lapels on a SB, but to each his own. Otherwise the suit looks perfect.
The football match Germany vs Netherlands in Hanover has been canceled due to a terror threat. High ranking politicians were expected, including Merkel. Police choppers patrolling the skies as I write.
 Maybe not in this thread right now - but Merkel surely is.
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