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I obviously haven't seen it yet, but there seem to be some strong parallels to the OT:  [[SPOILER]]  Some reviews already say it seems too close to the original movies. I will watch it and form my own opinion, though.
 Not going to argue here, just saying that with changing public reception of things, you gotta think twice about saying certain things all of a sudden. There was a meme going around on Facebook lately that basically went like "that moment when you want to make a joke at dinner, but can't, because it's 2015 and everybody will be super offended".
I played the three trailers on IMDB's front page (X-Men, Superman, Independence Day 2) and they all had the BRAAHM in'em. Barf.   Hans Zimmer reportedly regrets inventing/using it for the Inception trailer.
 You mean that foghorn sound that has been used in every trailer since Inception?
 All true. I just feel like Hollywood and TV shows are under pressure of PC and thus somehow change public reception of how things really are. Not really a free speech issue, though, as you say, more of a social stigma. The only European free speech laws I'm aware of are for public racial hatred and Holocaust denial and the like. Is that already more restrictive than in the US?
 Dream on.  
 From the synopsis I posted earlier:  [[SPOILER]]  Or something like that.
From what I can observe over the internet and other media, the restriction of free speech is way stronger in the USA by SJWs and other very vocal minorities, as opposed to Europe. Though the idea to cry about hurt feelings and trigger warnings is slowly making it's way over here, too.
From the short scene in the trailer, I'm pretty sure Han meant the Falcon. The surroundings looked like the tunnel to the cockpit.
 ? Han is from Corellia, Chewbacca from Kashyk. They are not Tatooine natives.
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