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 This is the best article anyone has ever written about anything:    I lol'd so hard.
And there I was, hoping for 20 cool new posts on bespoke projects
To add to the positive Cappelli experiences: I once ordered two ties, one of which actually was sold out. He contacted me and asked which one I would like instead. When I told him, he asked again, because he insisted on giving me an extra tie. So I ended up with "3 for 2" ties, just because he felt bad that one of the ties was not marked as sold out on his website. Best service ever IME.
I think the shape (not the cloth...) of that orange jacket above is about as perfect as it gets. Sadly, the prices Louis Cappelli quoted were too high for me. Not Liverano level, but not desirable MBT™-prices either.
 Until the limit is reached. After that, things tend to get ugly...
 No, they do not. Jackets start at 2300€ (= 2500$) and suits at 3000€ by now. And those are Florence prices, not sure how much more expensive the trunk show prices are.
I think it was around 4.500€ two years ago (2013).
 SimonC is not Simon Crompton.
 North African "immigrants" may be assholes, but they're not stupid. I'm pretty sure they'll have the Syrian dialect internalized soon and prepare for questions re: Syria and Iraq.
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