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 To be clear here, I meant "perfect" in the sense of "super/awesome/fantastic", not necessarily the actual meaning of the word.
 Perfect, except for the shoes; but still!
That last picture (of your back) looks off even for the first/basted fitting somehow who's the tailor?
 Completely disagree. It just depends on the type of the wearer and the look/cut of the jeans. I would've chosen a different jacket to wear with denim, but overall the fit looks good I think.  Yeah, I'd say so, too.
What the hell is that preview picture?!
I have rather broad shoulders and by now I deem it best to have extended unstructured/soft shoulders on my jackets.
 How about a not-so-small-scaled houndstooth in brown/tan? For jackets, not suits.
Seems like Kroos going to Real fell under the table in the news. They're really gonna give Bayern a good run in the coming CL.
 Awesome, thanks. Would you mind sharing the outcome?
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