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 North African "immigrants" may be assholes, but they're not stupid. I'm pretty sure they'll have the Syrian dialect internalized soon and prepare for questions re: Syria and Iraq.
That jacket just seems to be too small in all dimensions.
 Anyone know who made the jacket on the left? Quarters look Fiorentine, but in a bad exaggerated way below the buttoning point. Kind of makes his overall shape look widest in the middle, which I don't think is very flattering. Apologies to the guy, I think he's a Swedish member of SF, too? edit: thinking about it further, it could very well be his stance here.
Glad to see the cape is back. I think that one cape-wearing and -promoting (Dutch?) dude from some time ago is gone by now, though.   Vox' coverage on Twitter is pretty funny again, too.
Good thing is, the "immigrants" from the Balkanese states will actually be deported. After the German government recognized these states as "non life-threatening", the influx has dropped considerably.
 That's ra-cist!
Liev Schreiber looks like a wimp in that tight-shouldered little jacket.
 He now comes to NYC several times a year, though, by collaboration with the Armoury. Maybe you can catch him there? 
 BB-8 and R2D2? Maybe even C3PO? 
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