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Ah, I loved the Thrawn books. They introduced some great characters (Mara Jade, Talon Karrde, ...) and created the basis for many other stories. I still hope EP8 and EP9 incorporate some of them, at least MJ.   Also, I always thought Bothans were these guys:     Turns out those are Ithorians.
 Great, thanks! Would also love to see the jacket. (Also, don't search for images of "Delfino Maremna", apparently some unlucky dolphin beached in Maremma, Italy)
 Could you please also tell me what the brown check cloth in the middle is?
Was that in Munich?
 Wow, could you please share the fabric's info? Thanks!
Really like the shoulders!
Yes, I too would love to see more striped ties from EGC! Anyone have any more photos?
I'm in Europe, so my decision goes like this:   Printed silk ties from Drake's: 125 GBP = 161 € Printed silk ties from Cappelli: 80 €   Hmm...
Everything "Gianni Cerruti" endorses automatically seems suspicious.
 It's not? What is it then, Asia?
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