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 My first thought was that it's his wife. "It won't be too long now." I've been wondering what his character is really up to for some time now.  Some vintage glove ad I found. The lucky chap kinda looks like me.
I prefer my patterned Cappellis with suits, but I'm about to have a few striped ones for a change.   For SCs I like solids (knits, garza grenadine) for some reason.
Gyp Rosetti sophisticated?! Have we watched the same show?   Jimmy... meh... he was a gangster who got his hands dirty, too.
Yeah, they usually refrain from killing the more sophisticated characters.
 No, I agree. That kind of pattern is usually paired with a large windsor knot in cheap ads.
Nobody watching this anymore? Every week I'm more excited to see the new eps than I was for BB!
 If it had a normal breast pocket instead of the patch, this would be pretty much perfect to me! The fabric is great!
 Oh, my bad. Sprezziamo's post Clags quoted was referring to Agnelli, though. Some confusion right there.
 Not sure about that, but as a young man in Italy at the time, fighting for the Fascist movement wasn't that unusual, I guess. Not sure which sources you attribute his admiration for the Nazis to. Also, personally, I don't think he was a very good automotive manager. Then again, he was educated in law...
 Plus once on tumblr some time ago already, but I think you didn't notice  
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