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 I have never heard of any other fits/models other than A - F. But then again, I've only checked in Germany, Italy and the UK. I had an Base F from the 2012 summer collection and it still had strong shoulders and chest, a nipped waist and big lapels.  
 The suits in Skyfall looked like shit.
The cut is definitely the most obvious characteristic of what makes a TF suit. It was what drew me to them in first place - for an athletic build, they're perfect.  No, there are actually models with rather slim lapels. The lookbook on the website usually shows only one model per season, though, so it's an common misled impression.
As I posted above, I think the real group of death is G. All solid teams and while I think Germany will be the group winner, it's totally unclear who will follow up.
The World Cup groups are drawn:   Germany Portugal USA Ghana   Hardcore!
 I hear it was resolved, but I can't seem to find the post right now...
Ambrosi came to my city a year ago for a trunk show (no Armoury-connection there) and the price was 1.000€ including cloth. The store owner said it might be cheaper when you'd visit Salvatore in Naples.
 Looks awesome, looking forward to it!  Marcus Garvey? Come on!
  Man... these right-before-death scenes really get to me every time Jimmy's (in the trenches) was similar.
 What's wrong with the shoes...?
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