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 I was actually trying to be sarcastic saying that. Personally, though, I think navy pants in CM are always in bad taste, no matter who posts a fit.
That outfit alone, yeah. But the girl, champagne and garden would more than make up for it; even here.   RE blue pants: I don't remember if it was in this thread, but a lot of users objectively established that navy pants just don't work. And though Manton may have been the originator of the discussion, he didn't take part in that most recent one.
Please don't spoil stuff, guys! I made the mistake of reading wiki once on a character and knew he was gonna get killed soon  
 DC deserves to be bashed, though, for looking like an ape who goes to Dubai for clubbing.
Yoox doesn't offer longs. 
 Disagree, the shirt (collar, fabric) looks way too business-y for the rest of the outfit. And, yeah, it may be correct in some way, but it's not really in good taste
 True. Any shop offering longs online would make a killing...
 Awesome way to find out what a jacket would possibly look like
880011? I was just looking at that exact one at a local tailor for a jacket
 Is the jacket cloth H&S by any chance?
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