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I guess it's the double standard many criminals have. On the one hand, they wanna make money by any means necessary - on the other hand, they've a reputation to keep up. That's probably why Narcisse sells the smack in AC, not in Harlem. When Purnsley comes to his office the Dr. is very upset that Cotton Came To Harlem.   Harlem seems the place for his "Lybians" to strive, hence the beating of the foul mouthed guy.
How is the actor the same as the role?
 I think his character is the most irritating on the show so far. Rosetti's a close second, though.
 Agree, though I struggle to find a blue that's not that greenish-blue (sky) but rather greyish/pale. Yours looks great, is it RTW or custom made?
Hi all,   I'm selling my Sheppard & Jones summer jacket in size 50. As awesome as it is, the jacket's just an inch too short for me. Thought I can live with it, but I can't. It is a basket weave wool fabric in a navy blue. Half (quarter?) lined, very nice unstructured construction. Soft shoulders.   I bought this suit at a local boutique Summer 2011. It retailed for about 400€. Worn 5-6 times only.   The single breasted jacket features notch lapels, two buttons,...
Great episode! LaCiura singing in German actually sounded pretty good/real!
This thread is kinda like asking who's your favorite child. I love these shows each for their own reasons.  Why season 4? I think it's my least favorite season. I really liked season 5 and it's introduction of characters like Phil Leotardo and Tony B. Some great material that was.
"I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really... I was alive!"   Bye BB!
 I think this is a great example of looking young, but not boyish. That is probably b/c of their more grown-up haircut and the details of the suits (softer cut etc.).
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