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 In fashion maybe, yeah
 Peak lapel is never more appropriate than notch, at least not in a business wardrobe and formality levels below. For tuxedos and white tie it's the other way around.
 Uhm... ...I think a lot of people get this thread wrong. I always thought the title reads "Whnay's good taste thread" as opposed to "Whnay's good taste thread". To me this is a deeply subjective thread and not more.
 I think the shirt sleeves are fine - its the jacket's sleeves that are way too short (2-3cm), at least on your left arm.
 I think he meant the writers spared him.
Eli has to kill that asshole agent now; Hoover doesn't care for him anymore and Eli saw that his son is kinda beyond salvation now ("Is this the life you want...?!"), so he might take a risk at attacking Knox.
Thanks for the info!   (I'm asking to understand what dimensions a tailor means when he says "prices start from x.000, depending on the cloth". Yes, I could ask him for specific cloths and forms of a suit (2pc, 3pc) but I'd like to get an idea in general.)
I have a question for you cloth-aficionados: are tweed or flannel cloths (all wool) generally the same price as "normal" worsted cloths or more?
Al Capone's fate is well-known; about all the other historical characters I'd like to find out on the show for now. The character I spoiled for myself was Capone's brother, who promptly got killed in the next episode.
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