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I really like that rollino shoulder style.
 Oops, you're right. I kinda skipped that line.
Yeah, sorry Ivar, those examples don't work for me at all, neither.
So, can I go to the London address for commissions/fittings? Or just the Carlisle one?   Been eyeing Steed for a while, but it would be a hassle to go to North England.
Ah, yes. I only randomly noticed that the new episode aired.   This season looks to be promising in new ways. The feud with NYC seems resolved for now. That new business guy moving into the Commodore's mansion and "teaming up" with Gillian. Eli's eldest son showing interest in the business. That new agent that let the corrupt one die. Al Capone's brothers showing up (I spoilered them for myself by reading their Wiki articles - don't do it!) and Van Alden not even seen...
Meth Damon.
The same as the one of the bloodstained paper. None.
In the make-off they stated they had about 130 squibs on Gomez' truck, so over a hundred rounds hit the car.   As I said, I'm guessing that not both Hank and Gomez are dead for story purposes, even though a car offers little to no protection from bullets (except maybe a shotgun) and, of course, Walt survives inside the car. I hate unrealistic gun portrayal in movies / tv shows. I love Heat.
98 is a 38L or 40L, depending on the cut, yes.
There's no way Hank and Gomez could survive that.   But my guess is at least one of them will.  
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