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       Thanks for the thoughts, guys. I didn't really consider the scale yet. Looking at several houndstooth jackets, you seem to be right. BTW, can non-tweed houndstooth ever be in good taste?
Could anyone recommend a brown houndstooth cloth like on this jacket? I can't seem to find one without windowpane / overcheck.   Doesn't necessarily have to be tweed. Faux would be better, I think.  
Messi has a contract with Dolce & Gabbana, so they tell him how to "dress" on occasions like that.
Did you commission anything at L&L?
 I know, but I live in Europe, so ties would be sent around the world twice for nothing
 Have you been to Calabrese? If not, could you pressure them to open up their online shop already? Thanks. 
 A problem evident in Europe as well. I really see an increasing interest in locally made goods, though. I hope our economies will find their way back to those business models in the future.
That's an awesome photo! Does Maomao have a tumblr or something alike?
 You wanna show off your ass - fine - go buy short jackets and look like a douche. A good and/or slim fit does not mean the jacket has to be short, though.
 9cm is not that much for lapel width, imo, so I'd say the pocket flaps are proportioned accordingly. Are you familiar with the rule of three? You could measure the lapel-width from pictures and calculate the actual flap size. I don't know how important your need for the info is, though, so you might just rely on your eye and decide wether it looks good or not.
New Posts  All Forums: