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 They are, because they don't look good at all, no matter how you incorprate them.  Ok, I thought I knew how to reply to that... but... ...I just think you have a lot to learn and a lot of getting-rid to do.
Someone will probably die, yes.   My hopes are high for Agent Knox or Dr. Narcisse.
 I'd call it perfect if it didn't have peak lapels :/
 Very nice cut for a 3-btn, who made it?
 Well d'uh, there weren't any wires back then. As you say, it was a great time to be a gangster, because investigation technologies weren't really there yet. So they did the only reasonable thing and had several guys in hearing distance to testify to Gillian's confession. And they actually tried to make her confess before, when that one "friend" of Roger approached them in the restaurant.
 Yeah, though she's a bitch for killing innocent Roger, I still felt sorry for her. Waiting for Nucky to find out that Eli is a rat. Will he stand by his brother? Will they try to get rid of the agent?
Ragazzo, I know this isn't exactly the right thread, but aren't your sleeves too short on that jacket? Or is it your stance? Really like the overall shape, though, NSM?
 I'm not sure it looks dated, but it really looks too big. I honestly don't think it will suffice to bring the waist in.
 In fashion maybe, yeah
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