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Great episode! LaCiura singing in German actually sounded pretty good/real!
This thread is kinda like asking who's your favorite child. I love these shows each for their own reasons.  Why season 4? I think it's my least favorite season. I really liked season 5 and it's introduction of characters like Phil Leotardo and Tony B. Some great material that was.
"I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really... I was alive!"   Bye BB!
 I think this is a great example of looking young, but not boyish. That is probably b/c of their more grown-up haircut and the details of the suits (softer cut etc.).
Of course it is! Everybody in heavy fabric three-pieces!   What I just noticed: no sign of Margaret yet! Hooray!   edit: hm, the actress is still in the opening credits, though
 Charvet ties are shiny and fat. What's with the TF hate all of a sudden?
 No, Saul already said that if Jesse should chose to chicken out, the Forster character would not give him a second chance.  Huh? The meeting with Todd at the café? "92 percent..."
 I like all of your combos and especially the shirt collars, but the collar gap (evident in the first pic) is a little off-putting which is really high level moaning, though.
 True, and I like that. I know this is a crime show, but I really watch it for the character interaction and business side, not so much for the violence.
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