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 I'd really be happy for you guys to reach the round of 16 :) I agree it's a killer group, though...
Anyone who doesn't think that last scene was gut-wrenchingly disgusting is a freaking animal to me.   The flayed Ironborn, too.   JFC, and people get offended by the tits on this show.
 I think so, yeah.
I find it really hard to look at Megan's face. Not that it's something new...
I agree with those who say this was the season's best episode yet. Seeing Don regaining the confidence in his work/himself again and separating from his annoying wife was great.   I expect him to kick Lou's and Cutler's asses (metaphorically) and take back his old office soon enough.
Why don't we have certain fixed dates (like twice a week) where someone compiles the 20+ for this thread? That would ensure batches of cool fits.   Also, I agree with excluding posters who were given "mercy thumbs". It has become quite the habit.
He totally should've done the hot lady from the plane.
This thread has replaced WAYWT as my go-to-thread when entering the site. Don't even check the latter anymore.
Sad to see Don in the place he is in right now.
Such beautiful suits from iammatt (except that b/w-stripe-thing) - are they all Rubinacci?
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