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 That's kinda what I meant; I remember the thread in which Foo stated that his AM shirts came apart and all that, but never read anything (positive or negative) about Finollo on SF. I came across them years ago when I saw one of their beautiful ties and then again when Vox posted a video. In any case, I thought about paying them a visit in Genova to check out their stuff, but after reading they charge 650€ for a bespoke shirt they seem like yet another Italian name living...
Was Finollo hyped at all on SF? I never heard of them here, can't even remember where I got to know them. I think Vox posted something on his Tumblr a few years ago.
Portugal and Argentina are just made out to be super-strong teams they just are not. They each have one of the best individual players in the world, but that's not enough to stop all-over great teams like Spain or Germany. Or Brazil this time.
 Well, in my native language it's the word for lapel, but I don't know where he's from... edit: I see he's from Vancouver, maybe the French impact comes through the terms there. I'd guess that revers is the French word for lapel, too.
 Just sayin', in some cases the stadiums are thousands of miles apart, so going to Rio wouldn't even cover a lot of matches
 Not everybody got the memo, I think. I had to ask, too.
Ironic that you'd post a pic of the PoW, as we all know he often wears his stuff for a long time (worn out shoes, pockets on the jackets etc.).
I'm far from a treehugger or other green socialist, but viewing clothes (except maybe socks and underwear) as disposable seems very wasteful.
 No, but the watch is on his right wrist
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