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Ragazzo, I know this isn't exactly the right thread, but aren't your sleeves too short on that jacket? Or is it your stance? Really like the overall shape, though, NSM?
 I'm not sure it looks dated, but it really looks too big. I honestly don't think it will suffice to bring the waist in.
 In fashion maybe, yeah
 Peak lapel is never more appropriate than notch, at least not in a business wardrobe and formality levels below. For tuxedos and white tie it's the other way around.
 Uhm... ...I think a lot of people get this thread wrong. I always thought the title reads "Whnay's good taste thread" as opposed to "Whnay's good taste thread". To me this is a deeply subjective thread and not more.
 I think the shirt sleeves are fine - its the jacket's sleeves that are way too short (2-3cm), at least on your left arm.
 I think he meant the writers spared him.
Eli has to kill that asshole agent now; Hoover doesn't care for him anymore and Eli saw that his son is kinda beyond salvation now ("Is this the life you want...?!"), so he might take a risk at attacking Knox.
Thanks for the info!   (I'm asking to understand what dimensions a tailor means when he says "prices start from x.000, depending on the cloth". Yes, I could ask him for specific cloths and forms of a suit (2pc, 3pc) but I'd like to get an idea in general.)
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