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 I figured they are in some way; the silhouette is unmistakably Liverano / Florentine and, as you say, they carry their ties. I'm curious if there's a connection.
Can you elaborate on how they're related to Liverano?
 This is damn near perfect, I'd say! If only the shoes were darker...
 Agree, very suspenseful! The end had me almost scared: "...like with any dream, there's a monster at the end of it."  Anyone catch the Devil Trap in the last shot, when Ledoux turns around and the shot freezes? And is Ledoux even the Tall Man? Another edit: the actor portraying Ledoux is almost 6"7' tall, hmmm...!
You'll need a tan like that to pull it off, though, otherwise it's four shades of pale.
Great freakin' show, I agree! Here's a cool summary of the things that happened so far, courtesy of an IMDB User:  [[SPOILER]]
 Where the hell did I say anything about race or class?!
I continued watching mostly because of the production design. I love how they made everything look; the buildings/cities, the cars, the clothes...   And, of course, there are a lot of cool characters.
       Thanks for the thoughts, guys. I didn't really consider the scale yet. Looking at several houndstooth jackets, you seem to be right. BTW, can non-tweed houndstooth ever be in good taste?
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