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Is dark blue nailhead wool a good (stylistic) choice for a Navy Blazer™?   It's kinda rough and S80s quality, so I guess it should be sufficiently non-suity.
@Gianni Cerutti and that other user, could you please spoiler pictures in your quotes?
Very nice! That looks like a great suit!
 Would you go back to Norton even though your initial cutter has left? I'm interested because I think I like their house style.
 Wow! I would've gone with a different tie, but otherwise this looks perfect to me!
Quick, someone find that Office bit where Steve Carrell wears a women's suit! Should be the same jacket length.  
 I forgot about Marianno and Luca being "mere" salespersons, too. They are accompanied by a cutter, though, if I'm reading the highlighted right?
Did you mean like... this? If so... blargh.  
To be fair here, Mina isn't a cutter. When working with someone like Cifonelli you get to dealing with one of their cutters, right?   I wouldn't go to a tailoring house where I'm being measured by a salesperson.   I have no personal experience with NsM, though, just stating my impressions.
 I really like to colors and textures, but the jacket is a good two inches too short for my tastes.
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