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What the hell is that preview picture?!
I have rather broad shoulders and by now I deem it best to have extended unstructured/soft shoulders on my jackets.
 How about a not-so-small-scaled houndstooth in brown/tan? For jackets, not suits.
Seems like Kroos going to Real fell under the table in the news. They're really gonna give Bayern a good run in the coming CL.
 Awesome, thanks. Would you mind sharing the outcome?
Very interesting, thanks for sharing.   I have a question, though, because I was thinking of using Ripense, too: how flexible do you think are they when cutting the pants? I'd request a rather high waist. Would they do that?
Also, at least in Germany and Spain, the leagues are dominated by two teams each (Dortmund and Bayern, Barca and Real, respectively) and not much else. Check out the national squads, mainly made up from those teams.   Not sure about England and Italy, though. Haven't heard much about Italian teams being successful lately.
He's biased because he's Italian I predict three red cards for Germany.
Breaking news: the other semi-finale has been called off - neither Argentina nor Holland want to reach the finale.
 Well, a lot of players in association football get injured pretty badly from time to time, sending them off the field for months. What happened to Neymar seems especially bad though, it's not that often that the injuries are that serious. Where I live (in Europe) almost every young boy plays football (soccer) at some point in his childhood and I have never heard of any kid being injured in some way. When I recently played with some friends, though, I had a ball coming on...
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