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Victor returns once again!
While it has a great texture, I think your jacket is about 1-2 inches too short.
Great stuff! It is also the first time I've seen patch pockets on a Liverano coat (Taka's).
Great episode! Sad to see Frank Capone go so soon :/
 I really like the idea behind that! I fear, though, that sleeping in your new suit might damage / rip it somehow, no? I think I move a lot in my sleep, from lying on the one side and rolling over to the other. Also, wouldn't it unnecessarily stretch the wool (cashmere, silk, ...) and all? I can see most people babying their tailoring way too much, though, I think a lot of guys I regularily see in suit and tie bring them to the dry cleaners once every two weeks  
 The individual pieces all look great (as usual), but I think the light grey suit with the light blue shirts offers not enough contrast.
I guess it's the double standard many criminals have. On the one hand, they wanna make money by any means necessary - on the other hand, they've a reputation to keep up. That's probably why Narcisse sells the smack in AC, not in Harlem. When Purnsley comes to his office the Dr. is very upset that Cotton Came To Harlem.   Harlem seems the place for his "Lybians" to strive, hence the beating of the foul mouthed guy.
How is the actor the same as the role?
 I think his character is the most irritating on the show so far. Rosetti's a close second, though.
 Agree, though I struggle to find a blue that's not that greenish-blue (sky) but rather greyish/pale. Yours looks great, is it RTW or custom made?
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