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 True. Any shop offering longs online would make a killing...
 Awesome way to find out what a jacket would possibly look like
880011? I was just looking at that exact one at a local tailor for a jacket
 Is the jacket cloth H&S by any chance?
But how does the dinner with his superior fit in then?
 My first thought was that it's his wife. "It won't be too long now." I've been wondering what his character is really up to for some time now.  Some vintage glove ad I found. The lucky chap kinda looks like me.
I prefer my patterned Cappellis with suits, but I'm about to have a few striped ones for a change.   For SCs I like solids (knits, garza grenadine) for some reason.
Gyp Rosetti sophisticated?! Have we watched the same show?   Jimmy... meh... he was a gangster who got his hands dirty, too.
Yeah, they usually refrain from killing the more sophisticated characters.
 No, I agree. That kind of pattern is usually paired with a large windsor knot in cheap ads.
New Posts  All Forums: