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 Oh, my bad. Sprezziamo's post Clags quoted was referring to Agnelli, though. Some confusion right there.
 Not sure about that, but as a young man in Italy at the time, fighting for the Fascist movement wasn't that unusual, I guess. Not sure which sources you attribute his admiration for the Nazis to. Also, personally, I don't think he was a very good automotive manager. Then again, he was educated in law...
 Plus once on tumblr some time ago already, but I think you didn't notice  
I'm not too keen on the details, but the fit is stunning!
This is one awesome challenge! Just a few weeks too early, my suit isn't ready yet :/
I wonder whatever happend with Foo and his amended ten pents?
It's too costumey for my taste. A "standard" three piece is already going to stand out, I think a double breasted square bottom vest is a bit too much. I could be wrong though, of course, as that kind of vest could be of historic or traditional meaning where Vox lives.
Call me heretic, but to me that's a rare miss from Vox. I can't imagine that working even in conservative New England.
 Didn't Cucinelli start that?
 Then why don't you open a seperate thread? Please do so for your film reports and drinking problem, too.
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