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 Interesting, yes. But actively matching these things? That would be super contrived, even by Italian standards. Same for the watch strap, in my opinion at least. I think we'd see the patch pockets' lower outlines. I like that outfit/photo very much, though I personally would chose a white (casual) shirt.
I love this thread. Even though I also follow the pertinent Tumblr-blogs, this is more interesting due to actual discussion.   Now, has anyone found out yet who the Brachetti Peretti family tailor is?
It's not the best show ever, but the visual quality alone makes it worth watching in my opinion.
 I like the first one best. By far.
How do you like the jacket overall length and/or height of the buttoning point? I heard Liverano cuts a shorter style jacket.   Magnificent fit either way!
FYI, you can put multiple pictures (even text) into one post.
I think that chosing CA as a setting for any TV show or movie is a convenient / lazy ass move.   I read a lot of rumors regarding the female lead, though, even Keira Knightley seems to be considered.
 After Killer Joe and Lincoln Lawyer, no. At least not me. McC may have done cheesy romcoms in the past, but at least he always looked like he could play a serious character. To me, Vaughn looks like the funny man he always was. I may be pleasently surprised, though, you never know. Vaughn is said to play a mob-connected criminal, btw, not one of the cops. Elisabeth Moss is Peggy. Forever.
That suit style is called Wetherby. The look book pic you posted is from the 2012 summer collection, though, so you might not get a new one from a TF store now. Maybe they still offer it as MTM.
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