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 After Killer Joe and Lincoln Lawyer, no. At least not me. McC may have done cheesy romcoms in the past, but at least he always looked like he could play a serious character. To me, Vaughn looks like the funny man he always was. I may be pleasently surprised, though, you never know. Vaughn is said to play a mob-connected criminal, btw, not one of the cops. Elisabeth Moss is Peggy. Forever.
That suit style is called Wetherby. The look book pic you posted is from the 2012 summer collection, though, so you might not get a new one from a TF store now. Maybe they still offer it as MTM.
 Agreed; I wore my first bespoke suit to a job interview this week and felt super confident (the most important trait in such a situation IME), without the need to tweak and tuck my tie, shirt, sleeves and so on - because I knew everything would fit nicely. I thought about taking a picture afterwars, but still felt great enough to just sit through the 4hr train ride home without taking off my jacket or tie.
 Well, I'd love to see more of the fabric later on, but for now the fit looks great. Though I wonder if the jacket is a little short? Or does it just seems that way b/c of the pants you're wearing?
 To be clear here, I meant "perfect" in the sense of "super/awesome/fantastic", not necessarily the actual meaning of the word.
 Perfect, except for the shoes; but still!
That last picture (of your back) looks off even for the first/basted fitting somehow who's the tailor?
 Completely disagree. It just depends on the type of the wearer and the look/cut of the jeans. I would've chosen a different jacket to wear with denim, but overall the fit looks good I think.  Yeah, I'd say so, too.
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