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Well, at least it did its part for SF. I think it's safe to say that this is the Thread Of The Year!
Hey everybody,   I was wondering what your opinions on the quality of La Vera Sartoria Napoletana stuff are? The jackets show up a lot on the Armoury blogs and other members of this forum, so I was wondering whether they're worth the price. A shop in my city offers trunk shows with the guys (Orazio and Pino Luciano) and I really like their cut.   I saw a strange other forum a few days ago where some raging dude went wild in a obscure manner how the Lucianos sold him...
 A lot were, but not Simbabwe, where Mugabe, the dictator in question, rules.
 That doesn't sound (even remotely) like the same kind of request to me. Or did I miss the irony here?
I just checked my bespoke English suit, they seem to have used the same plain lining as in the main parts.   I noticed that sleeves are usually lined with pinstripes, though; is that the standard for Italian tailors, too?
So great! I wanted them not to take a 15min break and just go on with the movie, because I was so excited how it would go on.   The quality of the effects was spectacular!
 I'm pretty sure it's the latter.
 Yes, L&L is among the most expensive, but the high end of SR (around 6000€) even more so.
He says he's Tommy Darmody right before he shoots Nucky. However he found out about what Nucky did to his family...
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