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I think this thread is a great idea and will hopefully serve as an inspiration to everybody.   Was just gonna post more, but then I realized most, if not all, I had collected were already posted here
 I think they would've managed to identify her and notify the parents in no time in 2012. That said, I don't understand why a lot of people assume that characters from the main characters' surroundings would necessarily be involved in the crimes the two are trying to solve. I've read people actually believed (from the preview) that Marty's reaction in Cohle's storage would be to the video of his daughter being raped/killed. Or that Marty's father-in-law was the killer. All...
 Ah, I didn't catch that last part in the episode. Interesting.  Yes, the scary thing is the whole family, but I don't think he is the monster they're looking for. Again, the way Jimmy Ledoux described him without being actually molested (except for stares), sounds way worse than the lawnmower guy looks like.
 How do you mean? BTW, everybody and their cousin seems to think lawnmower man is the spaghetti monster - what the hell?! He doesn't look soul-crushingly scary at all. The way people (girl victim and Jimmy Ledoux) described the monster was way more chilling.
 Yes, I have my shirts made with the biggest (= longest points) collar, but not unusually high. I just wash them, let them hang dry and then iron, no use of any starch. I just tried out the way of ironing the collar I described and had it figured out quite fast and I wouldn't say I'm an ironing expert I will post pictures if you're interested in how that "technique" works out.
 But the shape on the latter pic is both. Or like a "S-shape". I never got my collars to be that way, they always ended up like in the first pic - I didn't like that, because even the longest pointed collars I have never reached under the lapel. Now I iron my collars a certain way to achieve that S-shape - hence no collar stays.  Have you ever found out if and in what way they're connected to Liverano?
May look wide by today's standards, but fine to me otherwise. What really bothers me is the super high gorge in many of the above pictures  
 Could be your stance, but the jacket looks too small in the chest in these pictures.
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