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I just checked my bespoke English suit, they seem to have used the same plain lining as in the main parts.   I noticed that sleeves are usually lined with pinstripes, though; is that the standard for Italian tailors, too?
So great! I wanted them not to take a 15min break and just go on with the movie, because I was so excited how it would go on.   The quality of the effects was spectacular!
 I'm pretty sure it's the latter.
 Yes, L&L is among the most expensive, but the high end of SR (around 6000€) even more so.
He says he's Tommy Darmody right before he shoots Nucky. However he found out about what Nucky did to his family...
 That's what I thought - the moment he gave her to the Commodore, he sold his soul. And that's what killed him at the end. Awesome story overall. Going to miss it. Also, Nucky's death was depicted the same as Jimmy's. Both shot in the cheek, both dying with their defining moments (diving for gold, the trenches) replaying. Wow. I always found the Darmody family story so tragic.
 What is he supposed to do? He has no money and even lost two men in the exchange. His empire is done.
Oh, ok, I knew she was pretty young when he knocked her up, but I didn't remember she was just 13. That girl in the recent episode looked way younger than 13, though...
So, did I get that right?  [[SPOILER]]
 Maybe you should do so quietly
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