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If they were less fuzzy (=normal reppe silk) they'd be exactly what I'm looking for, Cleav. Very nice.
What's the problem with his suits? The frequent 3pc are a big plus.
Can we talk about jacket length for a second? While the Armoury and Liverano guys always look stellar in their L&L gear, I kinda suspect it's a look for non-tall people. Are any of the aforementioned taller than 6 feet/1.8m?   I've seen some tall people in L&L and somehow got the impression that the cut/style of the jacket is not ideal for them. I think it's mainly due to the open quarters, but also button stance.
 The ones on the Huddersfield site look very light. Do you know if the actual collection/book has more to choose from? The 520065 and the 520068 look good, I'd have to check them IRL though to see how dark they are.
Can anyone tell me where to find a nice dark brown jacketing fabric? It seems none of the well-known merchants offer anything in that shade.   Looking for a nice houndstooth or guncheck. Not a tweed, though. Anyone have an idea?   This one would be perfect:  
Well, at least it did its part for SF. I think it's safe to say that this is the Thread Of The Year!
Hey everybody,   I was wondering what your opinions on the quality of La Vera Sartoria Napoletana stuff are? The jackets show up a lot on the Armoury blogs and other members of this forum, so I was wondering whether they're worth the price. A shop in my city offers trunk shows with the guys (Orazio and Pino Luciano) and I really like their cut.   I saw a strange other forum a few days ago where some raging dude went wild in a obscure manner how the Lucianos sold him...
 A lot were, but not Simbabwe, where Mugabe, the dictator in question, rules.
 That doesn't sound (even remotely) like the same kind of request to me. Or did I miss the irony here?
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