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 Same here. Don's non-white shirts bother me.
 Yes, tumblr isn't an indicator of good taste.
I was worried that jacket might look too short on you, but length looks good! Is the buttoning point at navel-height?
A few months ago jackets started at 2.500€ when he was traveling. 3.100€ for a 2pc sounds about right then.
  What I meant was more like: why not live somewhere else with a lower average rent/lower property prices? I never got that. Thanks for the break down of real estate market mechanisms, though I'm familiar with those, as they're the same where I live (maybe not as drastic as in SF).
Who would pay so much rent instead of buying something?!
Love the silhouette, hate the shirt. Great overcoat!
Anyone imagine him doing this when he posts/talks?  
I'd be happy to continue the discussion in the thread I started.
 Quoted for emphasis.
New Posts  All Forums: