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 I think there was a watermark in one corner of the frame, but it was blurred out.
Would you consider my post above as a spoiler?!
Thanks for the info, just watched the first ep. Starting out slow-ish, but looking good!
So, this just dropped.   Also, pics:  
 Same here. Don's non-white shirts bother me.
 Yes, tumblr isn't an indicator of good taste.
I was worried that jacket might look too short on you, but length looks good! Is the buttoning point at navel-height?
A few months ago jackets started at 2.500€ when he was traveling. 3.100€ for a 2pc sounds about right then.
  What I meant was more like: why not live somewhere else with a lower average rent/lower property prices? I never got that. Thanks for the break down of real estate market mechanisms, though I'm familiar with those, as they're the same where I live (maybe not as drastic as in SF).
Who would pay so much rent instead of buying something?!
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