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Great episode again! I didn't know it only runs eight, though. Was hoping for more...
 Looks like this, just in navy:   The availabe hopsacks are all to light in color...
I prefer all my suits in heavy chunky cloth, not just flannel. Can't comment on wear, yet, but they feel much more substantial.
The place I'd like to try is a new operation and has very limited selection of cloth; how do I recognize Fresco by looking at it? I know how it looks like as a jacket, but I'm not sure about a small piece in a book. Is the weight any clue?
Crap, thats the closest thing to jacketing I found there. No hopsack, I was hoping for that, too. I see what you mean, though; thanks!
Pretty much looks like this:     Is nailhead generally considered a suiting? Not a jacketing?
Is dark blue nailhead wool a good (stylistic) choice for a Navy Blazer™?   It's kinda rough and S80s quality, so I guess it should be sufficiently non-suity.
@Gianni Cerutti and that other user, could you please spoiler pictures in your quotes?
Very nice! That looks like a great suit!
 Would you go back to Norton even though your initial cutter has left? I'm interested because I think I like their house style.
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