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 The previous episodes cover 17 years. A person can change a lot over a long period of time and he gave a reasonable explanation why he felt that way. He asked Marty how he'd been before and after an event like the showdown in Carcosa I find a change of perspective believable.
Ok, about the accents Errol used: the writer said in an interview (after the finale aired) that this was an approach to more character history, as Errol tried to regain his ability to speak through watching old VCRs after being scarred in his childhood.   I'm also pretty psyched that they left a lot of the conspiracy untouched. The three guys that were directly killed by Hart and Cohle were just peons and not part of the "group of five" powerful men. Watching the rape...
So...   ...the "main" killer was indeed Errol. Was it just me or did he actually seem pretty intelligent in the first scenes? Was he wearing a mask (of stupidity) all the time when he talked to people in the real world?   Also, what did Rust see in the Yellow King's throne room? My guess is he saw that crazy portal thing in his mind, as he said earlier in the episode "I never really stopped seeing things." But then again, I didn't understand half the things he said in...
 Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise, the gorge looks perfect to me. I'm also jealous of you finding long enough jackets for your size. I'm "only" 6'2" and can't seem to find anything.
 Yeah, I'm starting to think the 20+ thread might have unwanted repercussions here  
I think this thread is a great idea and will hopefully serve as an inspiration to everybody.   Was just gonna post more, but then I realized most, if not all, I had collected were already posted here
 I think they would've managed to identify her and notify the parents in no time in 2012. That said, I don't understand why a lot of people assume that characters from the main characters' surroundings would necessarily be involved in the crimes the two are trying to solve. I've read people actually believed (from the preview) that Marty's reaction in Cohle's storage would be to the video of his daughter being raped/killed. Or that Marty's father-in-law was the killer. All...
 Ah, I didn't catch that last part in the episode. Interesting.  Yes, the scary thing is the whole family, but I don't think he is the monster they're looking for. Again, the way Jimmy Ledoux described him without being actually molested (except for stares), sounds way worse than the lawnmower guy looks like.
 How do you mean? BTW, everybody and their cousin seems to think lawnmower man is the spaghetti monster - what the hell?! He doesn't look soul-crushingly scary at all. The way people (girl victim and Jimmy Ledoux) described the monster was way more chilling.
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