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 I need this!
 Sounds like what I'm looking for, too. Will you post pictures of at least the fabric?
 How do you connect BNT with the Armoury??
 Is that so? I found most Australians to be quite friendly.
 Since he went to Naples, probably not an "English custom tailor".
It seems Cersei's story line has diverged a lot from the books already this season.  [[SPOILER]]  Seems very different.
Who is Ros/Roz again...?
 That only works in case there are several tailors who do a similar style you like. But what if you like the Fiorentine style? There are a handful of tailors in Florence plus some in the Far East who do a version of it. What do you do then? Dismiss your idea or accept a long lead time? I think you don't understand how lucky you are (sartorically speaking) in your geographical situation
 Kotaro likes to do 2-3 fittings, so 3-4 visits. As Leaves said, it's a small operation (2,5 persons), it doesn't really work any faster. For comparison, how often does Liverano visit HK or NYC?
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