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 My first commission was great. I'd factor in some things, though: I guess I'm easy to fit and only have one physical "quirk" that prompted me to go bespoke: big chest and shoulders and an otherwise slim frame. OTR usually has the armholes and sleeves too big and the collar too generous. I also wanted a three piece, but that's more of a design issue... Your posts in the various picture threads usually look good (to me), so I'd contemplate how much better a bespoke suit...
 Well... what does he say?
 I was gonna say... the travel time for one way is 2 - 2,5 hrs. I have even made the trip from Cologne, Germany to London and back in a day. It's still more annoying than not going at all, but it's not too bad either    Ok, good point.
 I often overhear salespeople suggesting black suits to high school graduates to wear to their prom. Sometimes I think of intervening, but then remember that it's actually none of my business... oh well
Pingson, you seem to have incredible luck with obtaining vintage bespoke suits that fit you that well! Great find yet again!
I watched Ieri, oggi, domani (1963) a few weeks ago and Mastroianni's tan suit in the last segement really caught my eye. If you have access to the movie, I recommend checking it out for inspiration.  
Great episode again! I didn't know it only runs eight, though. Was hoping for more...
 Looks like this, just in navy:   The availabe hopsacks are all to light in color...
I prefer all my suits in heavy chunky cloth, not just flannel. Can't comment on wear, yet, but they feel much more substantial.
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