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 But the shape on the latter pic is both. Or like a "S-shape". I never got my collars to be that way, they always ended up like in the first pic - I didn't like that, because even the longest pointed collars I have never reached under the lapel. Now I iron my collars a certain way to achieve that S-shape - hence no collar stays.  Have you ever found out if and in what way they're connected to Liverano?
May look wide by today's standards, but fine to me otherwise. What really bothers me is the super high gorge in many of the above pictures  
 Could be your stance, but the jacket looks too small in the chest in these pictures.
Hm, jacket and pants are too close in color, I think.
Is there any online source where I could find the Smiths books to look at?
I wouldn't call that skinny. The ratio in the first pic looks 1:1 to me, even though it actually seems to be 1:2 or 1:3.
 I think it's a matter of courtesy - this is a English speaking forum, after all.
 It's a translation thing - "Irritierend" means confusing in German, DC probably thought "Irritating" would mean the same in English. I've seen people making that mistake quite often.
 No, the preacher Rust visited in yesterday's episode to ask for the old files. The one that came by the police station in an earlier episode to start that weird task force. In 2012 he is said to have died under dubious circumstances.
New Posts  All Forums: