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Yes, I do hope their story comes to a happy end.
 Ha, I'm glad someone made that gif!
 I’m too lazy to look it up right now, but wasn’t it said in this very thread that they already have a very firm client base in Korea and additional business in HK and Australia? If that’s true they have no reason whatsoever to travel around the world to the US or the UK.
 Yes! So true! I don't even find him that funny anymore! It's horrible!
Many European countries usually have a conservative party, a social-democratic party, an economically-liberal party, a green party, a leftist/socialist party and, growing in the last few years due to problems in the EU, a far-right-wing party.   That often leads to one of the first two forming a coalition with one or two of the smaller parties, which means there are more options than two big parties. Whether that really makes a difference in actual political decisions is...
 Berlin, Germany (his birthplace) is not located within the United States, as far as I know. I'd vote for him, too, though.
 I think there was a watermark in one corner of the frame, but it was blurred out.
Would you consider my post above as a spoiler?!
Thanks for the info, just watched the first ep. Starting out slow-ish, but looking good!
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