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Who is Ros/Roz again...?
 That only works in case there are several tailors who do a similar style you like. But what if you like the Fiorentine style? There are a handful of tailors in Florence plus some in the Far East who do a version of it. What do you do then? Dismiss your idea or accept a long lead time? I think you don't understand how lucky you are (sartorically speaking) in your geographical situation
 Kotaro likes to do 2-3 fittings, so 3-4 visits. As Leaves said, it's a small operation (2,5 persons), it doesn't really work any faster. For comparison, how often does Liverano visit HK or NYC?
He said he has clients from all over the world, including Americans. I don't know wether they come to Florence or he goes to visit them in the US, though.
 Yes, the society is insecure. That's why young idiots convert to Islam (or radicalize themselves) and go join ISIS.  Has Great Britain not installed Sharia courts?  Yes - about 5% and counting. With an decreasing indigenous population.  About 7.000 - and (slowly) counting. Goes to show how people are insecure and need a strong guidance in life.  Of course oppression is not productive - but how do you maintain a Leitkultur? Welcoming Islam with open arms has not worked...
 No, it's me, someone actually living in a western European metropolis. Denying that there a growing Islamic population in European societies (and the problems that come with it) is a blatant ignorance of facts.
 But it's whats happening in Europe right now: political Islam gaining influence. I'm sure you don't have the same Islamic ghettos in the US with a parallel juridical system and all that, but you can observe this in your culturally most similar societies (EU). I've never heard of that lady, but you ridiculing the idea of a dangerous Islam spreading worldwide (in Africa and Asia, too) doesn't seem very bright.
I really liked Pete this episode, especially the scenes with Trudy / the admissions office.   Btw, what's with the cursing all of a sudden? Since when is this allowed on basic cable?   Megan: "Where the fuck is everything!?"   Peggy: "FUCK her!"
You shouldn't have worn black tie to a white tie event    
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