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 Perfect! You are quite tall, aren't you?
Great stuff, @jolinlovesjunya , hope to see the final results, especially from L&L and Corcos.
 I found that it's best to choose shirt color depending on the contrast it creates with the rest of the outfit, especially with the other nearby pieces. Navy/Dark grey jacket -> light blue shirt, white would be too much contrast.Brown/tan jacket (yes, also tweed) -> white shirt (though a "unstructured" or crumpled look)
 Could you check if there is a brown version of it, too? Thanks!
Did anyone ever have anything made in Minnis 0769? Interested to see what it looks like as a jacket.   Thanks!  
Thank you, @Graemsay
Ok, so, could you answer my questions before I watch this, please? I spoilered them, because they're quite suggestive.  [[SPOILER]]  Thanks!
Love a good three-buttoned jacket!
 Something general I have been wondering for a while: is there any difference in patch or flap pockets in regard to durability? It came to my mind now because of the cashmere. I ripped open a flap pocket on a cotton jacket once, none of my patch pockets, though.
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