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I know the Empire was always supposed to be some space version of the Nazis, but "Death Troopers" in a black uniform... wow.
 Looks like they created that Director Kendric (?) character to replace him (whyever).
 You might want to look at their Instagram.
 Wow, that's bad.
Did Lady Stoneheart appear?! I didn't see Brienne and Pod in the episode, but read in a recap they met her?!   edit: nvm, the recap just spun a story how they could've met.
Brilliant episode! I'm usually bothered by CGI, but the battle of Winterfell was intense enough to forget about it. The atmosphere when Jon's army realized what they were up against... wow. Only one thing, though: I wish they'd prolonged Ramsay's demise some more. His screams stopped pretty soon after the first dog ripped his face off.
 Are they? I didn't quite understand what the maester meant.
So, the preview for next week teases a huge battle between bastards Jon and Ramsay. Though, as we've learned from past build-ups-to-battles in GoT, this will not be satisfactory in the way that the bad guys finally get what they deserve.
This thread is about whnay's good taste, not any good taste.
Pretty pissed that they wasted awesome Ian McShane on a one-episode-character like that. He could've been a great Euron or other warrior leader.
New Posts  All Forums: