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Another great tie, Cleav! I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but what lining do you choose for your Cappelli silk ties? I really like this knot.
The pastry scene is actually a thin/probably hungry kid eating it piece by piece, even though he wanted to use it to pay that girl to have sex with him. The boy from the deli that sold it to him is fat, though   It ends with James Woods asking De Niro to kill him, which he refuses. As De Niro walks away, he sees a garbage truck outside Woods' mansion. It starts up and comes driving past him. At the same time, a figure - presumably Woods - comes out from the mansion and...
Ha, I was thinking the same! Main reason it took me three sessions to watch it this time. Couldn't they use another piece of music from time to time?   But then I read that Morricone finished the score way before shooting was even half way through, so they probably had music for 2 hrs but had to fill 4 in the end.
Watched this again for last few evenings (4 hrs running time). Still unsure about the ending, some interesting theories floating around.  
Congrats, that's like half a French bespoke suit!
Anybody have any recent orders shipped to them in Europe? How long does it usually take? I want to order two ties and need to have them in two weeks, but I'm afraid they won't arrive on time.
Isn't this a question for the unfunded liabilities thread? I was looking forward to 12 new posts of wip- or finished bespoke stuff.
No sexier sub-maschinegun than the MP5k. And those have been in the 80s, too.
He was in the Netherlands, I think.
Wow, think I never saw so many ill-fitting suits in one place. The tight shoulders make everyone look like lanky high school students.   The Rock had a good jacket.
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