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 Could you check if there is a brown version of it, too? Thanks!
Did anyone ever have anything made in Minnis 0769? Interested to see what it looks like as a jacket.   Thanks!  
 Poor people that got killed, yes, but no poor Turkey as such: they are Sunni muslims and more or less support the ISIS and fight Assad (who is Alaouite/Shiite muslim) and the Kurds. The Syrian war is a political/cultural inscrutable mess, but Turkey (as a nation) is definitely on the wrong side. And don't get me started on Erdogan encouraging "his people" in other countries to behave like nationalistic assholes.
Terrorist is said to be Pakistani or Afghan refugee who came to Germany earlier this year.   Probably pissed he didn't get any wives and more money.    
Thank you, @Graemsay
Ok, so, could you answer my questions before I watch this, please? I spoilered them, because they're quite suggestive.  [[SPOILER]]  Thanks!
Ok, so this election just happened.   I was wondering... does the POTUS have the power to fire the nuclear warheads by himself or does he have to check back with someone else? Like that turn both keys at the same time thingy?
Love a good three-buttoned jacket!
 Something general I have been wondering for a while: is there any difference in patch or flap pockets in regard to durability? It came to my mind now because of the cashmere. I ripped open a flap pocket on a cotton jacket once, none of my patch pockets, though.
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