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Ha, I was thinking the same! Main reason it took me three sessions to watch it this time. Couldn't they use another piece of music from time to time?   But then I read that Morricone finished the score way before shooting was even half way through, so they probably had music for 2 hrs but had to fill 4 in the end.
Watched this again for last few evenings (4 hrs running time). Still unsure about the ending, some interesting theories floating around.  
Congrats, that's like half a French bespoke suit!
Anybody have any recent orders shipped to them in Europe? How long does it usually take? I want to order two ties and need to have them in two weeks, but I'm afraid they won't arrive on time.
Isn't this a question for the unfunded liabilities thread? I was looking forward to 12 new posts of wip- or finished bespoke stuff.
No sexier sub-maschinegun than the MP5k. And those have been in the 80s, too.
He was in the Netherlands, I think.
Wow, think I never saw so many ill-fitting suits in one place. The tight shoulders make everyone look like lanky high school students.   The Rock had a good jacket.
 Perfect! You are quite tall, aren't you?
Great stuff, @jolinlovesjunya , hope to see the final results, especially from L&L and Corcos.
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