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This looks like the rubber fake vomit I used to get at the novelty shop on Pier 39.
Today is not bad, quite cool. Yesterday was awful.
Emperor Palpatine, I uh ... didn't mean anything by it. Honest, sir.
if so, I am available
kulta's shirt, the stripes seem a little darker, more brickish. I prefer that to the bright red.
A solid red shirt would be terrible but that red pencil stripe is nice.
This will be seen in hindsight as akin to granting Senator Palpatine "emergency powers."
I see these people swimming with fins every day and I think, that's like running with skates. What's the point? Equipment to make it easier defeats the purpose.
In Carmel Village, Aubergine. In the Valley, Marinus (best restaurant in the area by far). 15-20 minutes from Carmel Village.
I didn't even see it.
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