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Might change as the Euro falls against the dollar.
When the museums are as good as they are here, they should be considered primary attractions.
I have had shake shack very few times, when I happened to be passing, hungry, and the line was short. I found it to be delicious but not worth waiting for. Alas, the last several times I have been hungry and passing, the line has been long.
I thought you didn't do "big" protein any more? Client request?
All the OCBDs I wear were made by Carl. IIRC, the cloth is all Japanese, recommended by him. No complaints whatsoever. Quite good. Some of the shirts are now 8+ years old.
I don't mind the rain, so long as I don't get caught in it when I have to walk somewhere. If I'm not wearing a suit, then I don't care at all. Rain on weekends doesn't bother me a bit. I much prefer weather like this to 80+humid.
I had no idea this could be so serious.
I'd like to try barolo vinegar.
Lucien Boillot, Pommard, 2007. Zachys for $70. Impulse buy. A very nice wine. I'd love it at $50, but it's not an insult at $70.
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