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I would say, also, if you are in the habit of buying older wine and not drinking it right away, a little fridge might be a good thing. Old wines can be delicate and can react more negatively than a younger wine to a non-ideal temp.
"July-Like Heat to Blast Northeast This Weekend"
I think I went to one Warriors' game in my life (ditto for the Sharks). late in life my parents got into the warriors and started to go regularly.
So, this morning, as my train pulls in, these two MTA goons drive their electric flatbed truck right up to the entrance of the north end exit. Keep in mind these exits are already bottlenecks, only two can pass abreast, and with hundreds exiting the train, it's a real clusterfuck every day. With their giant obstacle, they force everyone to thread around and then leave one at a time, single file. When asked if it was necessary to park so close, and right then, they...
weather is already awful. Misery until October 15. Then two decent weeks before the snow.
waited 30 minutes for an E. Three Ms in a row. No E. Finally gave up. MTA of course keeps the fare. What a disaster this system is. Just embarassing.
My kitchen is now cleaner than an operating room. Unfortunately I broke my stove in the process. I am also, at long last, getting a new hood.
at least it's not (yet) humid.
Wiemer 2008 Semi-dry. This is basically perfect right now. Fully mature and lots of petrol. I would buy crate after crate of this if I had somewhere to put it.
Clos Du Val is a pretty good Bord copy, however. Perhaps a little overpriced for what it is, but I am happy to pay $20 for it (though not $30).
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