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I love linen and cotton both, but IME, cotton wears cooler on me than linen. Linen woven at very light weights is a rather dismal performer compared to (say) 6-7 ounce cotton. Hence my linen only comes out when the summer moderates a little. And it's great for California (at least the parts I go to, which never get hot). I wear linen-cotton shirts or pure linen exclusively from about May-September.
I think I will get some whipcord (foo pants) from them later this year.
that is exactly the way I do it. Though, i find the color test is just as reliable. that is, as soon as the green color starts to intensify and brighten, shock immediately and keep in the water for a good 5-10 minutes to let them cool completely through. Then dry thoroughly before reheating in butter. I like they way they look peeled so I tend to peel them. It's not strictly necessary. The fat ones tend to be way better for this method.
Can't be, he only wears white shirts.
That's his best, alas.
There used to be a B&W glen plaid that might make an OK jacket. I'd still prefer another cloth in that pattern though.
i wouldn't get your hopes up, I return tomorrow
it sure sucked when I left yesterday. Sucked all week in fact.
Sand Dollar Beach, just southeast of here, has the best I've ever seen. The sun never shines there so maybe that helps.
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