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I am reading War and Peace, which I last picked up 25 years ago and barely remember. (Somehow I remember Anna Karenina quite well, though). It is making me very happy. It's great to read something with this towering reputation and not be let down at all but think "Yep, fully justified."
OK, my first workout back I benched 160x10x10x18 (failure). That was about 20% down from my peak weight. (Bench is always dumbbell). Today I did 160x12x12x20, so better. Peak deadlift was 280x5. I never do more than one set and never go past 5. Today I deloaded 20%, so 225. Was able to do 9 reps. I still had the strength to do more but my left wrist was killing me. Hurt like hell just above the base of the thumb. This pain has been there since before I took my...
Took a week off and now trying this. Deloaded by 20%. Failure on last set. Feel quite wobbly when it's over. We shall see.
birdseye sucks
^^^ had some of that last Dec, it was smokin'
Quite envious of the Coche. The few times I've had it, it's blown me away every time.
firesale at Zachy's, huge haul
After I posted that I googled it, and could not find confirmation. But two people told me that over the past weekend. So I don't know.
So, I recently heard from several DC friends that the Metro is a total mess (I sort of knew that) and even that it closes every night at 7 pm (I did not know that). Also, traffic is at Armageddon levels and commute times have double or tripled. In the interest of fairness and intellectual honesty, let me say how much I appreciate the MTA in these troubled times and how glad I am to live here rather than there.
Thanks. So, if drop everything and go to failure, would that be one set or three (which is what I typically do)?
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