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It's kinda funny to watch weather reports and listen to them try to evade admitting that they hyped this.
there's not even a foot here as far as I can tell.
well come what may, the pool is closed tomorrow, so I ain't goin' in. sweet potato agnolotti
Is this a bust or just a lull?
at least the winter has so far fallen short of the Siberian precedent set last year. and, oh yeah, Shelly got arrested. New York, baby!!!
My wife loved Bartley's and took me there several times. As I recall, it had a great deal overt right-wing propaganda on the walls, which seemed out of place in Harvard Square. I of course felt right at home.
that does look really cool.
well, at the advanced age of 45, my favorite dessert remains Marquise au Chocolate with vanilla crème anglaise and pistachio.
booth, that is a good looking suit, but one must wonder, how many solid grays and blues does one dago really need?
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