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Finally escaped.
for brown stocks.
My general rule is take the quarts of water your pot can hold, divide by two, and get that many pounds of bones. So 20 q pot = 10 lbs of bones.
I don't understand why those are legal.
"While there will be some minor fluctuations in temperature, a persistent ridge of high pressure will keep the warmth and humidity locked into the East through most of the rest of August."
Gomestar makes more as a dog walker than he does at his real job.
I think, for 68, my dad is still pretty tough.
well the '70s were awful so the merchants had to hype something. basically the reputation is that 70, 75 and 78 were good and the rest shit. 78 being the most forward and easy drinking and so the likeliest to age fast. THat's been my experience. 75s are tanks and are still drinking great. 70s less so but there are some good ones out there.
'78 is a reasonably well regarded vintage though, esp. on the left bank
1998 was a very good right bank vintage. The 99s and I am not that familiar with. Though personally I love Bord so much that I don't care about vintage variation quite like I used to. I mean, I recently had a '71, which is supposed to be gawdawful, and it was quite enjoyable.
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