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That's not a NYC problem, though, the whole country is now this way.
6 seems cleanest to me and the most civilized. it's crazy crowded north of 42nd, but usually quite spacious south of there.
Sadly, it's the best in the city.
Opened a 2011 Bachelet BR on Sat. Drank maybe 1/3. Super tight. I used one of those little air pump thingies to seal the bottle and get as much air out as possible. Drank the rest last night. Amazing transformation. The wine had improved substantially without declining at all. Great wine, but definitely too young right now.
Gloria is on the lighter side for a left bank Bord, so 20 years is right in line. Hell, even some 1st growths are ready at 20 in certain vintages. 96 was a big year for certain heavyweight reds but for Gloria, it was ready.Last week I had L-B 96 out of magnum and I think it was even ready, if just barely.
The 1996 Gloria is ready now. 2011 Bachelet Borg Rouge is ... not.
Unfortunately, Valdicava was a standout, but both in terms of quality and price. I bought the more traditional producers--Lisini, Ciacci, Castelgiocondo, and Barbi. Very reasonably priced. 1996 Gloria I thought was awesome, especially for $60. And some Bachelet just because.
I love NV Bollinger.
Great tasting at Zachy's today. Slew of 2010 Brunellos; most around $50. Bought a mixed case. Then various Bords, many from back vintages. picked up several odd bottles.
There is a lot I love in my A&S jacket, but there are fit issues that they just refused to address. Steed fits better on me.
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