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Regarding vests, I just don't think it works with the cut at all. I did it once and I never wear the vest. Vests absolutely require full cut high waisted trousers, which Italian tailors seem allergic to. So what they tend to do instead is cut the vest really long, a look I quite hate. And then their hip hugger pants really can't be worn with braces, so that means you need a belt under the vest, which also looks terrible.
I've only used Solito and NSM otherwise.I would say that it looks more like NSM. It's leaner and more aggressively styled than Solito. However, the problem with my one NSM coat is that it's just tight and, worse, it *feels* tight. Also, it gives the impression that it's climbing up my back and off my neck. It's hard to explain, but this feeling is just constant. It doesn't feel settled or at rest.The Formosa, on the other hand, feels a little snug compared to Solito. ...
Anyone who gets a vest from an Italian tailor--a Neapolitan no less--is a fucking idiot.
Yeah, it's plaid, sort of a muted medium dark gray with a blue overcheck. Lesser 13. Oh, and if jeffryd is reading, the pattern matches at all the pockets! I am somewhat slimmer but have been for a while. I was "skinny fat" for a time (wine belly) but around 2009 I lost about 15 pounds and have since replaced that with muscle (very slow process, I am a "hard gainer") so I weigh more or less the same (185) as I did then. But I got all my pants taken in around that time...
Isn't someone going to quote this and edit out the "r" or do I have to do it?
Jesus, I'm gray.
Pretty impressed by my first Formosa.
Where do you get Piedmont for under $20, and what can you get? Langhe's seem to be more around $25 these days.
Yeah but the frogs are like our next-door neighbors.
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